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E7450 New installation and/or updating to HS 10.13.2 fail


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after checking the log, the installer couldn’t find InstallESDDMG.pkg in macos install data.

seems the installer didn’t copy it with the other files.

i found the file in the install mac os app / sharedsupport folder and manually copied it into

place, then rebooted. it now shows installing : 18 minutes remaining...

reboots again... 10 min remaining.. seems to be working ..


i also reset my smbios, used additional drivers out of the base efi package,

and manually put clover configurator in with my installer on the usb drive-

as long as you mount -uv / you can then do edits with clover by just manually

running the binary. i then used clover to mount both efi partitions and then

duplicated the usb stick onto the hard drive without having to run clover installer.

then i was able to finish the installer without a usb stock.

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