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Help on a E6420 post install 10.9.5


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Hello im looking for little or big help to fix my installation on a E6420  Mavericks 10.9.5 i used clover for install and post install


here is my E6420 configuration:

  • BIOS A08
  • i5-2520M
  • 8GB ram
  • HD 3000 with LCD 1366x768 
  • HDD 500GB
  • wifi broadcom 4313
  • SD card reader
  • DVD writer 


i installed Mavericks without trouble with clover and post install also 


what is working for now :

  • Sound / HD 3000 / DVD writer /  FN key for brightness and numerical key /  volume on extra buttons / 


what i like to make it works :

  • trackpad  ( for now i use an usb mouse )
  • keyboard is working but some key are not working properly ( for example the @ not working with ALTGR but with the windows key and "micro" key ) 
  • sd card reader 
  • wifi 4313 (  not important cause i will change the board by an atheros )  but if it is possible i will prefer the broadcomm 
  • E sata  port 


This is my first Laptop in Hackintosh  asked by a friend in Mavericks ( cause software issue with younger OSX )


thank you 

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You can expect this E6420 to work 100% under Mavericks 10.9.5. You may consult this thread for details and for the bootpack which contains all necessary add-on kexts.


SD card reader will work OOK once you apply the necessary DSDT patch detailed here.

For keyboard, refer to this thread and this one.

Broadcom BCM4313 chip is not supported and has to be replaced by a supported card. See here for details.


You can also update your BIOS to the latest version A24.

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