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M6700 quadro K3000M HD4000 1080p Sierra: disable HD graphics? run on quadro only?


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Hi folks,

I would like to use my quadro graphics card for the built-in display. Currently, the built-in is driven by HD4000. Last time I checked the quadro is active and working for an external monitor connected to HDMI port.

Is that even possible to run the built-in display thru k3000m on my hack?

Thanks for your help.



Optimus is enabled in Bios.

VT is disabled in Bios.

My config.plist has act​ive Inject NVidia0x01660004 for ig-platform-id and 4 for Video Ports.


Currently on my m6700:



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If Optimus is enabled the built-in display will be connect to the Intel GPU directly as Internal Display (AppleBacklightDisplay)

If Optimus is disabled the built-in display will be connect to Nvidia GPU directly as External Display (AppleDisplay) if your connector is EDP and Internal Display if your connector is LVDS.


When Optimus is disabled:

- For LVDS case, simply disable Optimus in BIOS then inject Nvidia in Clover, then it shall works.

- For EDP/DP case, there won't be actual built-in screen anymore as your built-in screen will be detected as an external display of Nvidia GPU, so you wont need to inject Nvidia in this case, but you will need Lilu.kext & NvidiaGraphicsFixup.kext in Clover EFI Folder.



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