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  1. Legacy_Sierra_QMI is simple way to inject this card, It work fine for me from the 10.10 till now (10.14.5). More video at:
  2. I usually restart from windows without problem. I use the ALC kext.
  3. What is Nvidia model on yours ?
  4. Open App store then hit "Update", at the clover screen you should disable nvidia at this time then wait untill the update completed.
  5. You can use HDAEnabler.kext without edit layout-id in dsdt/ssdt.
  6. Or you can use AppleBacklightInjector.kext to resolve it
  7. I confirmed that Dell M4800 (nvidia K2100m or K1100m) work fine on MacOS high sierra 10.13.x without problem. Make sure you are using CodecCommander V2.2 originally patched by theDarkVoid to fix Headphone of M4800
  8. I have same issue and this is how i resolved my problem. Delete all EMUVariable in Efi partition then reset NVRAM
  9. Attached file is new patch for you. Make sure you are use original AppleHDA and layout id 18 in your DSDT. Please remove all the previous kext patch then put this in S/L/E Rebuild cache then reboot. ALC3235.zip
  10. Use Ubuntu Live USB to boot into your laptop then dump codec by the command: cat /proc/asound/card0/codec#0 > ~/Desktop/codec_dump.txt (or) cat /proc/asound/card0/codec#1 > ~/Desktop/codec_dump.txt (or) cat /proc/asound/card0/codec#2 > ~/Desktop/codec_dump.txt Then attache the codec dump to this post. let me see i can create new patch for u
  11. You are right, "HDAEnabler.kext" in the attached file is inject for layout-id 18
  12. Since I added my patch to AppleALC (version 1.2.1 or newer) so we can use it in this Dell type. You can download attached file or latest version from here: https://github.com/vit9696/AppleALC/releases AppleALC1.2.6_Lilu.1.23.zip
  13. Let "Switchable graphic" on then you can use internal LCD via intel HD4600 and external LCD via Nvidia
  14. Brightness control working fine. Trackpad does not crash
  15. Most same as previous version (10.12), Just put apfs.efi into Efi/clover/drivers64UEFI.
  16. This card still working well for me on my old Laptop with OS 10.12.3. I only use fakePCIID_Broadcom_WIFI.kext and FakcePCIID.kext for wifi
  17. Nothing much, just insert the Mac ID into AGPM. in my case: Mac-06F11F11946D27C5
  18. My Model MacbookPro 11,5, NVidia K2100m/Mxm 3.0a type 162MHz/1.62GHz 202MHz/1.62GHz 405MHz/3.01GHz 666MHz/3.01GHz
  19. By default the Nvidia K2100m alway running with full speed on my Dell (667MHz) per 50 degree C. After performance tuning with AGPM, It is running cooler on my Dell with temperatures under 50 degree C and speed (162/202/405/418/666 MHz) Demo: The detail guide at: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/7807-nvidia-gpu-performance-tuning-with-agpm/
  20. Hi Dr.Hurt, This key (`~) is not work properly in all version. Would you please check?
  21. You should shutdown windows first before switch to OSX
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