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  1. Hi, I the tips, got the SSDT-ALS0 file added to Clover>ACPI>Patched. I rebooted and the same thing, defaults to full brightness. I also deleted the clover nvram.plist to force it to generate a new one, did reboot couple of times but still the same problem. I'm out of ideas what to do. Can you help me out. I am attaching my SSDT-PNLF, SSDT-ALS0, config.plist and nvram.plist. Archive.zip
  2. @gelomon can you elaborate how the patch is done?
  3. I am having problem with my lcd brightness value reset to full brightness on everyboot. I am running hackintosh High Sierra on a Lenovo x260. Clover is installed as UEFI only with rc scripts and using EMUVariable driver for nvram emulation. I can confirm nvram emulation is working from the nvram - p output of terminal as below. Right now, all values are retained such as volume level and other ids, except for the lcd brightness value. I am using AppleBacklightInjector kext for my lcd and patched ssdt. I am also attaching my config, kexts,ssd/dsdt in clover. Can anyone advice what should I do? fakesmc-key-BEMB-flag %01 fakesmc-key-RPlt-ch8* j130%00%00%00%00 fakesmc-key-RBr -ch8* 2016mb%00%00 EFILoginHiDPI %00%00%00%00 fakesmc-key-#KEY-ui32 %00%00%00%12 SystemAudioVolumeDB %ee fakesmc-key-BATP-flag %00 platform-uuid %cc%92%87d%d3-%b2%11%a8\%94g%ec%cf'%c0 fakesmc-key-MSTc-ui8 %00 EmuVariableUefiPresent Yes security-mode none fakesmc-key-BNum-ui8 %01 csr-active-config g%00%00%00 fakesmc-key-$Num-ui8 %01 fakesmc-key-MSFW-ui8 %01%00 fakesmc-key-MSPS-ui16 %00%03 fakesmc-key-REV -ch8* %026%0f%00%00%97 fmm-computer-name My%e2%80%99s MacBook Pro backlight-level %1c%00 bootercfg (%00 fakesmc-key-$Adr-ui32 %00%00%03%00 fakesmc-key-EPCI-ui32 %09 %f0%00 bluetoothActiveControllerInfo +%0a%87%80%00%00%00%00`%14%e4%a7%a0%0b%e1%94 fakesmc-key-MSAc-ui16 %00%00 fakesmc-key-MSLD-ui8 %00 SystemAudioVolume ? specialbootdevice %02%01%0c%00%d0A%03%0a%00%00%00%00%01%01%06%00%00%17%03%12%0a%00%01%00%00%00%00%00%04%01*%00%02%00%00%00(@%06%00%00%00%00%00%a8%f7=%09%00%00%00%00%84%8b[%c5%dd%10eA%8b%f5%ba%d1%b1%0ab%84%02%02%7f%ff%04%00 fakesmc-key-RMde-char A fakesmc-key-BBIN-ui8 %01 flagstate %00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00 fakesmc-key-MSWr-ui8 %00 CLOVER.zip
  4. No, actually right now I am making do with a nano usb wifi receiver. No complaints so far. The bandwidth is enough to max out my internet speed. Just that on file copy over lan from my NAS I loose the Wifi AC throughout. But then, I can live with it because I have dual booted with W10. For any large file copy operation I just boot windows ; copy those files and continue back to my mac. I have seriously not given a thought of replacing cards. If you get it to work do share with me. Thanks.
  5. Dear Jake, Please find attached the IOReg file as requested after applying the new config and dsdt/ssdt files. Thank you. IOReg_XPS12.zip
  6. Hi Jones, I agree with you. By far this is my most complete hackintosh ever. You know, I had shelved this computer for almost a year, since I had cpu throttle issues on Windows, and all windows version I tried made the cpu fan run louder and that was worry-some. Trying out hackintosh, and seeing it work so well, it gave a new life to this machine and put it to good use again. My sincerest regards to Jake Lo for being super awesome and so helpful in helping me set this machine up and running so smoothly. I'm struggling now to get hackintosh running properly on my other laptop the Lenovo x260, and I think I know who to look for help and guidance.
  7. Hey Jake, under system info, for usb 2.0 bus, then only think I am unsure is Intel ® Sensor Solution. Not sure if this is what the touchscreen is interacting at. Anyways, for your review, I am attaching my origin folder. My bios is A8. See if you can find a reference to the touch screen controller. Do let me know if any further detail(s) are required. Thank you. origin.zip
  8. Oh is it. I thought it was serial or usb. It tempted me to try since the model 9q33 is listed on their website, and their system generated a specific driver on my request. Anyway, its not super important. I am happy with conventional keyboard and mouse operation.
  9. Hey Jake. Just to check with you, have you tried the touchbase (touch screen) driver on XPS 12? I tried their trial version, installed it ok but the touch screen do not work. Is there any kext or ssdt patch required?
  10. Ok that confirms my case. One small thing Jake, tinkering with my bios yesterday, I noticed something weird. Of I set my bios to uefi boot only and disable legacy, Mac does not boot properly. I'm a bit surprised because all over I have done installation on efi only. Is there any dependency of Mac to legacy bios?
  11. Hey Jake. Writing this from my hackintosh XPS12. The bootpack you provided was flawless and did all the heavy-lifting. By far this was my least troubling hackintosh installation. Just need a quick tip, whenever I boot up and am taken to MAC lock screen, there are artefacts like image attached below. Any idea why they may happen? From your build, I guess my only difference is, that my processor is i7 thus making graphics intel hd5000. However, your config plist should be compatible I suppose as hd4200 and hd5000 use same platform id. Is there anything else I am missing out here. Please advice. Thank you.
  12. Thanks for the rapid response. I will try this one and go through with the installation. Will update anything here. Thanks for your help again.
  13. Thanks a lot Jake. Just to check with you quickly. My XPS 12 is on i7 haswell and not i5. Shall I still use SMBIOS MacBookAir6,2 as per your config file or I should go for MacBookAir6,1 ? Please advice
  14. @ Jones333333, Hey great to see you got the XPS 12 working hackintosh. Can you kindly share the config.plist, kexts and dsdt/ssdt you used for this to work. Thanks.
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