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  1. tanphu194

    battery status

    Try ver 1.70.2
  2. tanphu194

    Latitude E5550 High Sierra

    Try ACPIBatteryManager ver 1.70.2 My 7450 had the same problem and after Googling around someone said that and it worked.
  3. tanphu194

    M4800 - Various issues

    of course the NVIDIA doesn't work as no Web Driver is available yet.
  4. tanphu194

    Mojave + E7450 = Update Kexts

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/wqwxkrp54ue2qah/EFI.zip?dl=0 Here's my complete 7450 EFI with the help of Jake Lo. Works perfectly
  5. tanphu194

    M4800 - Various issues

    If you are using Mojave, the patch is again different, it is written in the link.
  6. tanphu194

    E7470 - Current state of Mojave?

    Seems like he was using apfs.efi and that thing showed some verbose text before Clover loads. And he wanted to get rid of them
  7. To save your time, here's my kext. Put in /S/L/E, rebuild permission/cache or put inside IO80211Family.kext, whatever works. Also I attached the injector kext, put it in Clover/kexts/Other Remove the two obsolete kexts you use as well. AirPortAtheros40.kext.zip Ar9285Injector.kext.zip
  8. Support was dropped but there is an easy fix here - copy the kext from HS over.
  9. tanphu194

    M4800 - Various issues

    SOLVED: There's actually a different patch for 10.13.6. Read here.
  10. tanphu194

    M4800 - Various issues

    Sorry I didn't mean to offend. I did search but the result showed the usbmuxd, that's why I asked to make sure. By the way, I checked and I already had both at the latest version, tried placing them in L/E/ but still doesn't work.
  11. tanphu194

    M4800 - Various issues

    Can I have a link please?
  12. tanphu194

    Clean install of OSX on Dell M4800

    Currently 10.13.4+ USB kext has some issues that only one USB 3.0 port is recognized and the other ones work as 2.0. Check my thread above as we are troubleshooting it.
  13. tanphu194

    M4800 - Various issues

    So, without USBInjectAll, the number of USB 2.0 ports is limited, and the webcam does not work as it's 2.0. If I put the kext in /L/E the USB 2.0 ports work perfectly, webcam is seen, but only one USB 3.0 port. I think it could be a kext patch issue? Attached previous (before the mess up) and current Clover folders for debug. CLOVER old.zip CLOVER.zip
  14. tanphu194

    M4800 - Various issues

    OK, here's a wild thing: I removed USBInjectAll in Clover. All ports recognize as USB 3.0, which means the USB drive is seen. 3 out of 4 ports see the USB 2.0 mouse. The one next to the mic port doesn't see the mouse.
  15. tanphu194

    M4800 - Various issues

    Upon looking at the System Report, I saw the culprit: other ports are recognized as USB 2.0 and my drive is 3.0. How do I fix this please?