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  1. Hi Jake Lo, my apologies. Please see attached everything that I was able to capture from BIOS info to hw info (using Linux that I have installed on this PC). hw.zip bios.zip
  2. Hi guys. I have an old Lenovo G580 that I recently replaced the HD with a brand new SSD and added some memory. I was thinking about installing HS or Mojave on it. I have Mojave working fine with a Dell E7450 and it would be good to have the same on my Lenovo. Any recommendation for Clover installation config and EFI package? Thank you.
  3. I have good news, at least to fix it. I boot the system from the installer USB and decrypted the partition through command line. Everything is back to normal now. I left the drivers and I will have to do some research on how to make Vault work before trying again.
  4. Hi Jake Lo. I installed all of them with Clover. Then I enabled Vault 2 and when the machine rebooted it crashed.
  5. Hi there. I tried to encrypt my SSD but it broke my installation, that happened a few months ago with a E6220. I was installing Clover 7400 in my E7440 and I found that there are some drivers for UEFI / Vault2 available for installation. Any tips on how to enable disk encryption with Vault2 for models 74**? Thank you.
  6. Hi there. With the forum support I was able to successfully install Mojave on my E7450. I used an EFI from HS that worked with Mojave beta. In order to keep the system stable and fix any issues (as far as I know it's working fine) should I update all "hackintosh" Kexts used in this installation? Is that a good practice? Thank you.
  7. Hi there. I was able to install Mojave on my E7450 by following Mojave Beta procedure. Everything worked well. There is one thing that needs improvement. I can change the display brightness by pressing Command (Windows key) plus F11 (low) or F12 (high). However every time I close the lid it comes to a lower intensity state (darker). Than I have to press Command + F12 again... I haven't used any keyboard remapping tool because it was working fine. I also disable any Energy saving configuration and under Display I moved the brightness switch all the way to the right... Any thoughts? Thank you.
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