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  1. OK, I'll give that a try, as I seem to have reached an impasse with my current method. c
  2. OK, I'll try to do as you suggest re getting rid of the extra patches and stuff, though I'm kinda new at this, so I'm learning as I go a bit. I cloned a Mavericks install from a real Mac (probably not optimal, but it was easy ), and then just installed Clover to it. Once I got the patched kernel in place, it booted. I've seen MyHack. What is it, exactly? Is it Chameleon based? c
  3. OK, as promised, here's some info: Clover version is v2.4k r4428 Mavericks is 10.9.5 Clover EFI folder: CLOVER.zip IOReg extraction: Dell Precision M6800 IOReg Dump.zip EDIT: The dump posted previously is faulty! Use this one instead: Dell Precision M6800 IOReg Dump.zip I added several kexts, primarily to get things like wifi working, but most were as found in this pack:This is the same setup I use for Sierra (which runs 98% perfectly), pretty much. That might have something to do with my problem, but I don't know what. c
  4. OK, I'll try to post some/all of that info tomorrow. One thing though: I'm using the Clover EFI folder that I configured for Sierra (works fine there). It seems to work just fine for booting Mavericks aside from a couple modifications (I'm too tired to remember what they are now). Sound etc seem to work using the same kexts as Sierra. c
  5. Hi, I have the same DW1550 (BCM4352) on another machine, also running Mavericks, and the card works perfectly with ToledaARPT.kext. As for early reboots, I've noticed that it will lock up if I let it initialize the Nvidia drivers like normal. If I set -nv-disable, it will boot, but obviously with no acceleration (oddly, the card seems to be otherwise recognized properly, with the proper amount of VRAM (4096 MB)). Removing the stock drivers completely allows me to boot without a bunch of rigamarole, but of course no accelerated graphics. The K3100M gave me no trouble at all on Sierra, and Mavericks was current when the M6800 was current, so logically it should work (provided I'm running a 100% up to date install of Mavericks). Yet it doesn't. Is it possible there's some weirdness with regard to power management? I'm using a patched kernel so PM works, but maybe the stock Nvidia drivers are incompatible with that kernel somehow? I tried the web drivers, but the latest version available for Mavericks doesn't seem to support the K3100M. Even though it's not supported, would a newer set of web drivers (which includes the proper support) work properly? Worst case is they'd crash the system and I'd have to remove them, so I guess I'd have nothing to lose, since the stock drivers do the same thing. It's late now in my small corner of the world, but I'll try it out tomorrow. c
  6. Yes, I know, it's outdated, but I have a specific need for it, as I want to run some older software (Pro Tools 10) and hardware (Digidesign MBox 2 Pro) that Sierra no longer supports. So far, I've got power management more or less working, and sound works. I cannot get graphics (NVIDIA Quadro K3100M) to work, however. Nor am I able to get Wifi/Bluetooth working (Dell Wireless 1550, I believe), though I haven't really tried. If I can't get it, that's fine (I have a nice Sierra install on it already, and I can do 98% of what I want). I just wanted to try to see if it's possible. Thanks, c
  7. No. However, after wasting like an hour reinstalling kexts and clearing caches, I discovered that the Wireless switch got flipped to the off position. Duh! I totally forgot that was a thing!! Oh, well. Lesson learned. Anyway, back to the original problem. I'll give it a try and report back. c
  8. OK, I'll try that. I already have that kext installed, but it's an older version. However, new problem. WiFi and Bluetooth have suddenly decided to stop working. This is independent of the sound problem, and I didn't do anything to cause it. They were working when I shut down last night, and dead when I started up today. I'm running hardware diagnostics, to rule out any hardware faults. c
  9. Me again The machine is working 99.99% smoothly now, but today I discovered something that's not working right: the headphone port. I plugged in my headphones, and got blasted with super loud static. If I turned system volume up full, I could hear system sounds and stuff. Is there a software fix for this? I will boot into Windows 7 (installed on another drive) to check if it works normally there, and to rule out a hardware fault. Thanks, c
  10. Does it? Hmm, didn't know that. Nevertheless, it's working flawlessly now, so that's all that matter so me. Thank you to pointing me to FalePCIID. That seems to be the key ingredient that made everything work. I just had to properly apply the fcvo patch, which still seems to be needed in my setup, because WiFi doesn't work without it. c
  11. I tried another thing, FakePCIID.kext and FakePCIID_Broadcom_WiFi.kext, plus something called the fcvo patch. No change. I installed 10.12.6 and the 2018-001 security update. Could that be causing any problems? The update wasn't seamless (a kernel panic caused by an old Lilu.kext (1.2.0), which I fixed by updating it to a newer version (1.2.2)), but I got it sorted out and everything's solid once again. Except WiFi, of course. EDIT: I figured it out! When applying the fcvo patch, I needed to tell it to patch "com.apple.driver.AirPort.Brcm4360" instead of "AirPortBrcm4360." c
  12. Hi, I'm trying to install one of these in my "HackBook Pro" (Dell Precision M6800 running macOS Sierra 10.12.6), and so far, I have gotten Bluetooth apparently working, but no WiFi. I have applied the patches listed on the first post to no avail. AirportBrcmFixup.kext apparently has no effect either. Any ideas? c
  13. I figured it out! Apparently, all I had to do was install the AppleBacklight.kext and AppleBacklightExpert.kext from Sierra 10.12.0, and everything's working fine again! I have full brightness, and I can adjust it to any level at will. So, for anyone with this problem, rather than go through a bunch of rigamarole to patch your DSDTs and adding extra kexts that may or may not work, simply installing older versions of these two kexts appears to the problem quite nicely (at least with the Precision M6800; your mileage may vary with other models). c
  14. Hi, Just got an M6800 (excellent machine, by the way!), and I've successfully installed macOS Sierra on it. Other than built-in audio, everything seemed to be working okay under 10.12.0 (including the Expresscard slot). However, when I updated to 10.12.6, the brightness of the internal display seems to be stuck at 50%, and I can't change it. The brightness slider is useless, as it has only two positions: 50% on and 100% off). I installed the brightness fix bootpack for the m6800, but it hasn't helped. Switchable graphics is off, and the Graphics card is Nvidia K3100M. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! c
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