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  1. I was trying to get my usb problems done and that it always shows iMac Pro 1,1 instead of mbp 12,1 (when I choose MBp 11,1 it won't boot). I have no idea how to solve it. Right now only EC2 USB part is shown. Could someone have a look please. EFI BIGSUR2.zip
  2. When I tell my config.plist audio Id=12 and after reboot I read 14 instead of 12, where else I have to check ?
  3. so well, I got it up and running except audio and internal webcam. Somehow usb isn't perfectly working, have to redo the usbport.kext . Sleep is wonky. But I got graphics acceleration to work. EFI-BIGSUR.zip
  4. Now I have Big Sur running again. Just audio , keyboard, touchpad and graphics aren't adjusted. Because of open core and its differences to clover I need to figure out , how to fix those things. Perhaps a hint from Herve would be helpful. I will load up my config later on.
  5. @Hervé: you are right , it’s a m.sata Samsung 250gb which the e6540 got delivered with. Not an m.2 , sorry for confusing here. I changed my signature. I was wondering if this little drive would also work in the laptops mini pcie slot. It did and I had win10 running for a while on it. Now a Broadcom apple bt card via adapter is working in this slot. I was testing Big Sur a couple of month before with open core 0.6.3 I suppose. And I got it running except the graphic glitches. But didn’t had time to fix it. Sad because it worked quite well. So I ditched the drive for other purposes. And now I
  6. @foodmood50 are you experiencing any video glitches? I am wondering if its possible to install Big Sur on any dell without real gpu, just with intel hd gpu. I am getting brutal glitches when I play dvd or blu rays or iso images of it. Makes the system unusable .
  7. Hello @physalp how does your sound works when you are using voodoohda? what happens with applealc.kext? I had it running on 10.15. but couldn't figure out my usb and audio and bt issues. Sure it all depends on the USB part. And I still don't know how to have 2 systems running with clover when each system needs other configurations.
  8. i am trying to create a usbport.kext but that doesn't work. I am enabling it again. ok enabled... but no bluetooth In this guide you don't need this usbport.kext thing, why? usb looks ok now but bluetooth is inactive and I don't know , where all those ACPI errors come from...
  9. Now it looks like this: debug_16899.zip
  10. thanks for the hints. I am looking for buttons to remove attachment content but can't find any. I mounted a original airport card via adapter and wifi is working again but Bluetooth is still deactivated.
  11. So the powermanagment and startup behavior seems like it should be. But I get a couple of ACPI errors during the boot up process and my wifi card doesn't work all of a sudden anymore.It is shown in the menubar next to the BT Icon but is inactive. I would like to load my debug.zip up but it seems my attachment space is used up? How can I show my files anyway? Thank you for your help.
  12. I patched this with this ssdtPRGen.sh script but didn't notice any difference. But thank you very much for your help. ok, now the startup behavior seems perfect. I had the dell in sleep mode for a while and came back, opened the lid, pressed any and the power button and what else and no reaction. The System was frozen. After restart the system showed up as normal. In the early setups with 10.13 I had to press the power button to wake the system up. Is there a possibility to get a wake up by just open the lid?
  13. @Jake Lo : thank you for this file, now its loading as it should be. What did you change? If I may ask?
  14. so here is my current refi folder and log files how can I change the power management? not in the preferences I mean.... debug_26428.zip
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