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Dell latitude e5440 opencore working both on Catalina & Big sur


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credit to : @r33int at github thanks you

I just add nv_disable=1 at the line 771 at config.plist

I tested it on Catalina 10.15.4 and Big Sur [@screen shoot]

but I dont check another stuff working up yet

wifi used intwl kext & heliport 1.0.0 ,hackintoll,but please [email protected] Lo please fixed the battery its like drainy


the [EFI\APPLE,BOOT,OC] file both working for installed and booting up Catalina & big Sur by create installmedia

both zip file [EFI\APPLE,BOOT,OC]






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Your config contains an error for the HD4x00 cursor memory patch; you incorrectly entered:

framebuffer-cursor        00009000        STRING

when it should be

framebuffer-cursormem        00009000        DATA


Probably proves you don't need that patch.... I invite you to consult the WEG manual for guidance on the syntax of framebuffer patches.


Then watch out with Big Sur and that MBP11,1 SMBIOS. Better to switch to MBA6,2.



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