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  1. Hi everyone I need to use my e6540 hackintosh(mojave 14.3) with my pro2x docking station(usb 3.0 edition) for dual dvi or dp output. The problem is that when I plug the dvi or dp cable into video 1 sockets , the system will immediately halt, then reboot is a must. The reboot will be successful with the cable plugged into video 1, while the monitor on video 1 cannot be identified. If I pull out the cable then plug in, the system will halt again. Video 2 sockets work fine. Hdmi on laptop works fine, so I already can get dual external video output by using hdmi and docking station video 2. But I want to use both video1 and video2 on docking station for more convenience. When booting with linux, I can find below by using xrandr: 1. Laptop hdmi as "hdmi1" works fine; 2. Dp and hdmi on docking station video group2, both as "hdmi2", work fine; 3. Dp and hdmi on docking station vdeo group1, both as "hdmi3", work fine. So there's no hardware issue. It seems that there's some problem with "hdmi3" port to function normal under OSX. But i don't know how to debug the issue. Need your help. Thank you very much!
  2. Ok, I'll do some search and research later, check if I can customize an alc292 kext for dock. For the power button, it seems that I cannot use the power button in the system, which means I cannot push the power button to put the computer to sleep. And, opening the lid cannot wake the system up, but still power off. Closing the lid can put the system to sleep. Attached is my current clover. Seems working well except for the issues unsolved above. I'll update it in this thread when I get improvement. CLOVER_e6540_20181107.zip
  3. All usb 3.0 work,including the five ports on the docking station! Intel FB-Patcher v1.6.0 seenm buggy with showing the active usb 3.0 ports, so I just used IORegistry instead and used IFBP for the export job. And in the recent dozens time of reboot, there were no "boot to sleep” case. The computer can be productive now. Thank you very much! There're still some issues, 1. Power button invalid in the system. To wake up the system can only by pressing the power button but not with the keyboard or touchpad. And sometimes, the computer seems wake up itself from sleep without command. Seems acpi problem? My hibernate value is 3. 2. Bluetooth can pair, but never connect. My wifi+bluetooth is dw1550. 3. The audio port on the dock is invalid, which means the audio output is still through the speakes but not headset when I plug headset in the dock. I think the dock is just using the alc292 in the computer?
  4. Please help! I tried to fixed the usb ports. But got panic. I didn't remember that I tweaked anything except usb related. And it seems that during usbinjectall , all ports work fine. But when I replace usbinjectall with the exported driver, all ports seems cannot work in 3.0 mode. All 3.0 devices at 480 speed. So I tried to patch "xhci to xhc". Is it the cause to the panic?
  5. Ok, I'll try that later and report my progress asap. Busy these days...
  6. Hi Jake, Here's the progress: 1. I copyed kexts in "copy to LE" folder. Sound works just fine! 2. For optical hdd bay issue, I replace your ahciportinjector with my original "Appleahciport.kext with clover patch" setup, for it can show the eject icon in finder and work with the drivebay hot swap design. 3. There's a new "remote disc" item in finder. Where does it from? Thank you very much! Update:There's a new problem with the USB 3.0 debug. I tried to fix the usb port with usbinjectall.kext, but it seem that some usb ports cannot be shown in ioreg. Is it possible that there's something wrong with the dsdt? Attached is my ioreg file, docking on a pro2x with 3*usb 2.0 and 2*usb3.0. MacBook Pro.ioreg
  7. Hi Jake, Thank you for your reply. I know my clover is a mess. I tried to clean and always stuck at acpi 9... during boot( i forget the accurate info). So I decided to complete the driver work before cleaning. Your fix works just as fine as my mess edition. Thank you for your help. While all the issued I posted were still there. Will there be any mature solutions?Or any guides? Besides, I still have some more issues... 1. I tried to patch dsdt using your method forums/topic/10375-how-to-fix-recent-dsdt-common-error-caused-by-iasl-bug/?tab=comments#comment-77168 with MaciASL with ACPI 6.2a. Patching and compiling was OK. But after saving and quitting MaciASL, I found that the patch wasn't save, which means after I reopened the dsdt.aml, the three errors were still there. The file couldn'd be saved. 2. The touchpad cannot perform with zoom feature. The sensitivity is not so as in windows although I already set finger-z to 1 which means the most sensitive. And disabling tap to click feature is ineffective after I closing the feature in system preferences(The disabling is effective just after the unchecking tap to click, but just after minutes you would tap as click again And one more question: what does the folder kext/other/LE or kext/other/CopyToLe mean? Does it mean that I should install the kexts in LE or CopytoLE to /LE of the mac system? Thank you very much!
  8. Hi all , Thank you for your work and discussion here. I learned from them and get my e6540 worked. Really appreciate it. Thank you for your time. Still, there are some issues which I cannot find the solution: 1. USB 3.0 not work. I'm' still learning the usbinjectall and some other mechanic. 2.0s work OK. All 3.0s work as 2.0 at a speed of 480. 2. Power button invalid during power on, which means I cannot use the power button to do anything is Mojave. And, closing the lid can put my e6540 to sleep, but opening cannot wake. Power button wakening is OK. 3. Seems old alc292 problem in some threads here: I'm using applealc.kext to drive alc292. Speaker and internal mic(i cannot identify it's dock mic or internal mic) work OK, but there's great static noise in headset. Sleep and wakeup can solve that. I'm looking for the reason and learning about the alcplugfix. 4. There's about 30% possibility that after rebooting Mojave will go into sleep before showing the login screen. 5. Bluetooth can show devices, but cannot connect(Disconnect immediately after connected). I guess the reason is about the USB debugging, and I sometimes met bcm20** timeout during boot. Is that right? I am looking forward to your help! Thank you very much! clove attached with original and patched dsdt. CLOVER.zip
  9. Hi Herve, thank you for your reply What I actually meant is that the optical sata port didn't normal. And after one day's google, I find out that's the sata/ahci driver issue which causes cannot initialize the optical bay hdd problem. I got AppleAHCIPort.kext and relevant kext patch here (link removed according to the rules here, just google ich10 & AppleAHCIPort.kext.zip 3.28; already provided by Jake above)
  10. Any solultion? My e6540 is experiencing the same problem on Mojave 14.0 and 14.1. Internal sata port and msata port both work well, but the optical drive sata works abnormal with 2.5 hdd in a optical bay caddy. After booting into the system, I can see the optical caddy hdd drive in system information with sata 6g. In disk utility, the disk can be recognized but cannot be erased or initialized. Always error with "internal error" or "Unable to write to the last block of the device". I noticed that the sata hot swap (hot plug) seems not supports by Macos? If I plugin the factory optical drive, the drive can be seen in system information with 1.5g, and be seen in Finder as Remote Disc. The optical drive can only be ejected by putting the hard button but cannot within Macos. And no signal light. I'm sure that all hardware is well functioning in windows 10. There seems to be some sata driver problems? Or even dsdt ssdt problem? (Hope won't go that far) Is there any solution with the hot swap like Intel Rapid Storage Technology in Win10? I always swap hdd with other optical bay hdd and hot swap is very convenient to use. Pls help! Thanks a lot! Happy weekend! Regards
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