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dell e6540 docking station video output halt


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Hi everyone


I need to use my e6540 hackintosh(mojave 14.3) with my pro2x docking station(usb 3.0 edition) for dual dvi or dp output. The problem is that when I plug the dvi or dp cable into video 1 sockets , the system will immediately halt, then reboot is a must. The reboot will be successful with the cable plugged into video 1, while the monitor on video 1 cannot be identified. If I pull out the cable then plug in, the system will halt again.  Video 2 sockets work fine.


Hdmi on laptop works fine, so I already can get dual external video output by using hdmi and docking station video 2. But I want to use both video1 and video2 on docking station for more convenience.


When booting with linux, I can find below by using xrandr:

  1. Laptop hdmi as "hdmi1" works fine;

  2.  Dp and hdmi on docking station video group2, both as "hdmi2", work fine;

  3. Dp and hdmi on docking station vdeo group1, both as "hdmi3", work fine.

So there's no hardware issue.


It seems that there's some problem with "hdmi3" port to function normal under OSX.  But i don't know how to debug the issue.


Need your help. Thank you very much!

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