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  1. Hey all, thanks in advance for your effort, I installed Olarila High Sierra 10.13.6 on My Laptop Dell Latitude E6420 using this EFI file EFI file Installation done successfully, but no drivers working, audio and WiFi also, i can't boot from High Sierra automatically, i booting via USB and choose boot from High Sierra My Laptop Specs shown in the attached images. Please help me to solve this issue. Thanks
  2. Hello everyone.. trying to get some help here. Usually when something brakes on the hackingtosh i am able to identify whats broken by the kernel panic error. This time around i Cant really see whats going on. I finally got around to updating my e6420 running Sierra to the 005 security update. But then the machine will just give me +++++++ and not even start the boot up process. After doing some digging i figured I needed to add AptioMemoryFix-64.efi to my efi clover folder. I did this by mounting my efi through terminal using my install USB. Now the boot up process starts but it halts somewhere along the process. I am attaching a picture of the screen before the machine shutsdown and see if anyone can point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance for any help given. --- Clover version 4114 ----
  3. Hello, peoples... I have a e6420 and e7240 I'm having this wierd issue with this e6420 while making music and working on it... It freezes.... And the mouse moves around But when click it's just irresponsive... I'm not sure... What is the problem... And if somebody have a stable working config... Please give me... And im really afraid... Of this issue.. . Coz it'll be very painful If this freeze happens.... When I perform live I used some patched Intelhd3000 graphics kexts... Also... But I'm getting this unexpected issue at very crucial times Some shed some lights on this...guide me Save me
  4. Hi Hervé, I did a fresh install of High Sierra following Jake's guide and using the correct bootpack for Optimus configuration. Now the system boots with video only when I enable Optimus is the BIOS. When I restart or shutdown somehow Optimus is disabled in the BIOS and I have to enable it again in order to boot with video. Also, when in sleep mode, when I press the power button to wake the laptop it directly shuts down. Besides those issues everything else seems to work fine. I know that DSDT is unique for each system, that's why I have extracted my original tables (F4 in Clover). I am attaching my current config.plist, original tables and current DSDT file. I'd greatly appreciate it if you could help me patch my DSDT. Thank you in advance. Dell Latitude E6420 BIOS A26 Intel HD3000 + NVIDIA NVS4200M Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2540M CPU @ 2.60GHz RAM 16GB DDR3 Best regards. Archive.zip
  5. Hello everyone, I would like to know if it is possible to install Mojave 10.14.6 on my Dell Latitude E6420, if there is any tutorial, in fact I found a tutorial on youtube from "Nick Silverstein Channel", but my Hack does not work the image when will start the setup screen after installation, it goes into sleep mode and when I turn on the computer again it gives a video artifact, so I can only boot the system using the flag FAKEID = 0x12345678, but the system starts without any video acceleration when i click (on this mac) it recognizes the hd3000 but it appears with only 4mb of video .. Ps: My Dell is Latitude E6420 with i5 2520M + HD3000 + 1600x900 Resolution My Report Aida64 [REMOVED] Tnks Help!
  6. Hello, I am wondering if somebody could help me, I am new to the whole "Hackintosh" system having been a windows fan boy since the day I remember. I have worked In IT the last 9 years but had very limited interaction with OSX and Hackintosh (Managing to Hackintosh a Fuji laptop back in 2011 but not sure how I managed). I am running a Dell E6420. Intel I5 - 2520M 10GB ram 250GB Samsung SSD Nvidia 4200M Alps touchpad Intel Wifi ( I am aware I will need to change this) Intel Ethernet 82579 Unsure on Sound device (But it was working I believe with Voodoo) I have tried to download a pre made distro that I got to boot up, and install on to my laptop. I found a similar Dell post online (Maybe for a E8420?) and downloaded their EFI files, I then just copied this to my usb stick and deleted the existing EFI folder. This got me to the set up my account screen when i realised my touchpad didn't work (Would scroll and click but not move) and then using a USB one I then realised that my keyboard (that was working on the install screen now doesn't work). I then reinstalled it but this time choosing customise and selecting some options for installed KEXTS and this then got my laptop to boot and get to the create account screen but this time I didnt have any network connection. Third time lucky.... Well I then installed again but selected the above and network adaptors (I tried the Nvidia options too but this didn't work) and then I was able to create an account, browse the internet and start playing about seeing what I could get to work. I then downloaded some Clover tool and I was trying to download some KEXTs for the touchpad and I was using a KEXT installer.. This then was my downfall after this I then (as I had flashbacks to years ago) when I realised I had then broken it... Eventually tried to reinstall but this time I was getting errors on install, I recreated the boot usb and still got errors, I then tried multiple boots and then I would just get a hang screen after loading "voodoobootps2?" or just kernel panic. When I was trying all this I had my laptop set to UEFI (I believe this was incorrect), and I could only boot my laptop when I had the USB still installed, I would boot and then select "run OSX" this would boot fine, but I could never get it to work fine. I then on multiple times tried to boot using non UEFI and Legacy but I would always get KP and never work, Only booting with UEFI was my best chance. BIOS Settings had been coppied from dare I say.. a youtube video.. So they could be incorrect. I don't have access to a MAC, I do have a copy ready of HighSierra clean and my "tainted" pre edited version. I was installed the imaging to USB using Transmac. I was using CLOVER.
  7. I upgraded my E6420 hackintosh to High Sierra and I immediately noticed that I'm no longer able to boot from the secondary drive bay. I usually have my Windows drive attached to the primary SATA port and have one of the drive adapters that lets me install a second hard drive in leu of the optical drive. I had my macOS installed there so I can dual boot between the two. With High Sierra that no longer works. When I try to boot macOS from the secondary port it KP's and is garbled so I can't read what it says. When the drives are switched around macOS boots and recognizes another drive is there but complains that it's having trouble reading it. I can boot Windows from the secondary port just fine so it's not a sudden hardware failure. It sounds like I might need to modify my DSDT but I wouldn't have the slightest clue what I need to do. I know High Sierra is still really new but any ideas?
  8. Hello, i'm kinda newbie to the hackintosh world, and today I was wondering if I can turn my dell latitude E6420 into hackintosh, so after viewing some instructional videos on how to install the hackintosh, after installing it and everything was alright I tried to use the Wifi and the integrated mouse "touch pad" so they didn't work and I actually don't know what is the reason for that, but I saw this forum seeking for help! Thanks for your time and sorry for my bad English..
  9. I was able to get the NVS 4200M working in 10.14 Mojave; but, after a few boots it would get stuck in a IOConsoleUsers GIOLockScreenState and ACM:Created/DeletedCredentials loop
  10. i have Dell Latitude E6420 - you can see my hardware in the photos (sorry for the bad english) I tried to install Mac OS Sierra and i got this .. in the BIOS i changed to ACHI. if you will help i will appreciate it Please Helppppp
  11. Guys, I would like a help for reinstall my Hackintosh, I had it working wihtout the NVIDIA NVS 4200M, but after a several attempts to solve the nvidia problem, now it wont boot anymore. I use to work with the UEFI Clover boot, I have now the lastest version, and the result is black screen after select the HDD. I would like your help for start from the scratch, I have the Sierra retail boot and the lastest clover. The BIOS version is the A23, i7-2640m, Intel HD 3000 and NVS 4200M as mentioned, Boot as UEFI, Sata as AHCI, Optmus enable (for work the Intel HD 3000), 120GB SSD drive, 8GB memory. I apreciate your help. Thanks
  12. For what ever reason the brightness control in the System Preferences no longer works. I think it may be related to these two previous issues that I posted about in the past https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/9131-solved-e6420-monitor-sleep-turn-off-on-boot-fresh-install-of-el-capitan/ https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/9504-solved-black-screen-on-e6420-sierra-upgrade/ I am using the following DSDT because the one in Jake Lo's Sierra bootpack was not working despite me having updated to the same bios version that the bootpack is meant for, as discussed in the above threads. https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/9131-solved-e6420-monitor-sleep-turn-off-on-boot-fresh-install-of-el-capitan/?p=61321 But that DSDT was patched back when I was on El Capitan, do I need a new freshly patched DSDT for Sierra? Also why does the LoRes DSDT in the Sierra bootpack not work for me? This has been an issue for me since El Captain, is there something different about my E6420's monitor? It uses the Intel HD 3000 with the max resolution of 1366x768.
  13. I followed this guide step by step, this my clover setup and got stuck on the bios menu, the UEFI doesn't show a boot list to choose the USB drive. Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/OkdN9Ri.jpg The boot sequence is set to UEFI. But F12 won't show any option to boot via USB, so I added these options on the UEFI Boot sequence: \EFI\BOOT\BOOTX64.EFI And \EFI\CLOVER\CLOVERX64.efi Both return a black screen. What am I doing wrong?
  14. hello. i decided to upgrade my system and I used Jake Lo's guide: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/8506-dell-latitude-inspiron-precision-el-capitan-clover-guide/&do=findComment&comment=54632 allmost everything works fine when using USB for boot, but when I try to boot from disk, i loose USB-ports. So what is wrong? this is first time using Clover so it's quite confusing how to set up the machine, installer and where to install and copy things. f.e. any help is appreciated stupid questions will follow, maybe some other newbie as me have same questions... so here we go: 1 How do i have to set up the settings etc to get everything work from HDD? for Latitude E6420 Nvs4200M i used Legacy options - (in the guite: For Exx20 (SandyBridge models), use Legacy - GUID Scheme. Not UEFI) do I have to make USB installer using Legacy or UEFI Boot Sequence in BIOS? or it does not make a difference? When installing Clover (version Clover_v2.3k_r3320) into the USB installer I used only: Install Clover in the ESP Bootloader/Install boot0af in MBR CloverEFI/CloverEFI 64-bits SATA Preference panel is it right? or i need to install RC scripts also? weird, when booting it shows newer version of Clover than 3320. ??? 2. I Used Generic EFI folder (EFI.zip) + E6x20 NVS.zip (downloaded from the same page). It took a while figuring out where to put file in E6x20 NVS.zip. At last i checked original EFI folder before replacing EFI folder for new one - it helped to figure out things a little bit. Still questions: where do i have to put the kexts in folder Other. Leave them as they are (Other folder) or make a 10.11 folder in the USB stick’s EFI partition? /Volumes/EFI/EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Others ? or /Volumes/EFI/EFI/CLOVER/kexts/10.11 ? 3. When installing El Capitan into the harddrive same questions raised: ido i have to install sing Legacy or UEFI Boot Sequence in BIOS? or it does not make a difference? installing Clover into the hard drive i used only: Install Clover in the ESP Bootloader/Install boot0af in MBR CloverEFI/CloverEFI 64-bits SATA Preference panel is it right? or i need to install RC scripts option also? 4. When generating ssdt.aml with ssdtPRGen.sh where do i have copy the ssdt.dsl ? 5. In /Volumes/EFI/EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/patched is dsdt.aml file. how do i generate a new one? or it’s not a must do thing? 6. Where do i have to put config.plist? I modified the one which is on EFI partition (in CLOVER folder). 7. when copying kexts to hard drive: where do i have to put the kexts in folder Other. Leave them as they are (Other folder) or make a 10.11 folder in the USB stick’s EFI partition? P.S. it seems that one of the generators needs internet connection to work properly! 8. When using EFI Mounter app do i have to unmount the volumes before proceeding? anyway, thank you Jake Lo and others for the great installer guides and tips! any help is appreciated. _____ Intel Core i5 2520M (integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000) 8 Gb RAM NVIDIA NVS 4200M HiRes 1600x900 LCD WIFI - Qualcomm Atheros AR3011 (not working yet, using WIFI stick) bios A22 I think it is Sandy bridge version. Optimus is disabled in BIOS.
  15. So I have an E6420 no optimus, low-res (specs in signature L01), and everything is working great...until I plug in external monitor to the HDMI port....then all hell breaks loose. after plugging in hdmi -- native laptop monitor is underscanned. I change the display preferences to turn off mirroring / use hdmi monitor as extra display, restoring built-in lcd resolution. Upon reboot, built-in lcd is black and hdmi display is the only detected display. Shutdown, unplug hdmi cable, reboot and built-in lcd is black screen ... only way i can get a display is by plugging in hdmi cable to external monitor. I caught a screenshot that sort of highlights the issue during same session of hot-plugging the hdmi cable...notice that the resolution is 1920x1080 for the built-in display in system info but of course it can only output 1366x768 E6420-L01__CFG.zip I tried the sierra bootpack from jake's infamous guide (esp since it was patched dsdt for a23 bios) but that didn't even get me to the install screen...I am instead using a LoRes DSDT from others, not sure the exact source, but somewhere on this site. Anyways, I posted my efi directory which contains everything, config.plist / dsdt.aml and native/clean acpi dumps...lemme know if this issue has been solved or how I can go about troubleshooting, thank you!!!
  16. Hi, I recently tried to upgrade my El Captain installation to Sierra after noticing that Jake Lo had updated his guide to include an e6420 bootpack for Sierra. From what I can tell things are working so far except for one major thing. The screen does not work, it’s a black screen and I can only use the laptop via the hdmi out. I do not think this is a bios issue this time, because I saw that the bootpack was for bios version a23, so I updated my bios to a23 beforehand. My monitor’s resolution is 1366x768 and I am using the DSDT-LoRes from the new bootpack, but it would appear that the resolution that is being output, at least via hdmi, is 1360x768, maybe this is the reason why I am getting a black screen? I’ve attached a picture of my tv saying that the resolution is 1360x768, just to show where I got that number from. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Hi everyone! Now I'm trying to arrange dell e6420 with sierra. i've installed the osx sierra (with -x -v flags in clover - other variant didn't start the installation). Now i've got some troubles - i've installed Clover to ssd partition 'n made the default boot volume. Clover starts, and when i use -v flag i've got the fault, system does'n boot - picture attached. Also i've attached the clover folder (just in case). Nevertheless i can boot from usb stick. In this case keyboard and integrate mouse aren't work, sound is missed, wifi is working (i've changed the wifi card to the right one) and there is some artifacts with screen. Will someone help me out? will be very appriciate. CLOVER.zip
  18. Hello All, first of thanks to all here at OSXLATITUDE. Thanks to you im now on my third Hackintosh. They have given me lots of joy I used the guide posted here by Jake Lo and was able to get EL CAPITAN 10.11.6 running on my E6420. it runs very smooth and fast and i have triple boot option with Clover. (Linux, OSX, Windows)... I know windows... but i need it for work. issue I'm having is that I'm experiencing freezes on OSX but ONLY when minimizing a window. right now i have only seen it while minimizing Safari, so i have been using chrome instead, but every so often im now getting it on chrome as well. when i hit minimize, the windows starts mimizing and freezes half way through, and then it goes all the way down. (see attached picture) I wonder if anyone can shed some light on this issue. is there a log of some sort i can share to try and understand this issue ? I wonder if it has anything to do with the triple boot and that i had to go to linux and load a program to keep all 3 partitions in sync since the drive became GPT/MBR Hybrid. as per the guide for the triple boot i had to load "gptsync", which makes the partitions stay in sync. I only mention this because thats an old guide (2010) and while everything works it may be outdated and maybe causing the issue. any thoughts ? Specs: Dell E6420 8GB RAM 525 GB Crucial SSD intel i7 2.8Ghz 1600x900 Display Using the bootpack EFI from the guide posted here.
  19. Hello I've decided to try my hand at installing OS X on my E6420 for the 2nd time. I just installed El Capitan 10.11.5 using Jake Lo's guide. Everything appears to be fully functional except for one thing, my laptop monitor will always turn off during boot. The system is running fine in the background but my monitor just turns off for whatever reason. Unplugging and repluging the charger is my current work around. This works when have access to a wall outlet, but otherwise I am stuck with the monitor off. I am using the e6420 bootpack with the DSDT-LowRes.aml as my display's resolution is 1366x768. Also I do not have optimus on my laptop.
  20. Upgraded my E6420 to Sierra. Got my BCM94352 working after some difficulties. For some reason Clover's FakeID is not working and had to switch to the FakeID kexts. One of the problems I ran into while upgrading is that the VoodooPS2Controller.kext needed to be updated. Was getting a panic on it. That resulted in the touchpad ceasing to function. That and I need to figure out how to get the audio working again. Other than the trackpad and audio I have a functioning system. Fortunately Bluetooth never stopped working and I have a Magic Mouse until I can get the trackpad working again.
  21. Hi friends, I have yosimete on Dell E6420(i7-2720qm,nvs 4200m) and when I try to open the install it's fail. please see pics, Thanks!!
  22. I just ran into the problem after updating my Hackintosh E6420 from 10.11.3 to 10.11.4. I updated by the dmg file from Apple server today. I am using Clover legacy bootloader. First, there is no audio after updated. Second, I can't boot into El Capitan without using boot parameters -v -cpus=1. If I boot without these parameters, there will be kernel panic and restart automatically. Have anyone experienced the same problem? Let's discuss.
  23. I recently installed Capitan on my E6420 which has a NVS 4200m with 512MB using the E6420 bootpack and DSDT from this guide . Everything seems to be ok accept my NVS 4200M shows that its using only 256MB instead of 512MB. Can anyone help me with this?
  24. Hello! I have installed El Capitan in my E6420 following Jake Lo's "Dell Latitude / Inspiron El Capitan Clover Guide". (used E6220 bootpack). I still have to fine-tune installation but I have one doubt regarding Clover boot: Why I can only boot legacy? Even enabling UEFI in BIOS I can´t see UEFI boot entry after pressing F12.... My plans are to dual boot Windows 10, so partition must be GPT pure... Thx
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