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  1. Thank everyone help! Mr Jake Lo,it seems this solution works! But is there any logical explanation why this bug happens? And is there any other solution like using different kext or smth else?
  2. Done that. No result - I connected headphones but sound goes through the speakers. CodecCommander from here (last release). Any ideas?
  3. Good day everyone. Some time ago I've installed OSX Sierra on my dell e6420. Everything worked just perfect. But during this week I found out some bug - when I connect headphones to laptop sound goes through the internal speaker from time to time. And I have to reboot system and connect headphones once again. And maybe then sound goes through the headphones. The bug happens randomly. Please help me find out what the salvation is. CLOVER.zip
  4. No, I didn't try other slots. Wlan. Where the card was installed originally. Three cards I've installed in this same slot one by one - two different dw1510 and ar5b195. Wwan is empty. What is your purpose? do you this I could try to install dw into the wwan slot? And it will works like never has happened before?
  5. In the case if the side switch is off why did the atheros card work at spot? Apparently l know the problem connected with that switcher - I've got some experience on my dell d630..
  6. Problem with wifi connection is solved. I replace dw1510 which didn't work at all with ar5b195, put kext s from here http://www.osx86.net/files/file/4649-atheros-ar5b195-ar9285ar3011-combo-el-capitan/ After that card started to work but saw no networks. I stick the skotch type on the 20 pin and everything went good-all the networks started to be discoverable.
  7. Today I replace ar5b195 with the new dw1510. Result the same like the previous one-can't turn on wifi. Will someone explain what shall I do?
  8. Forgot to mentioned - Can't turn off the bt in this card
  9. Good day there! Thanks to anyone who is kind enough to reply to this! A couple of months ago members of your project helped to install OS X sierra on my dell. Everything worked perfect till the moment the wifi started to malfunctioning -it didn't switch on. Before the installation of the Osx I replace dw1530 to dw1510. But as I said it stopped to work or to switch on. Then I replaced the card with AR5B195 and use this http://www.osx86.net...mbo-el-capitan/ Everything seemed to be ok-I can see the card in device list (both wifi and bt). But it can't find any net. I use the AirPort Extreme. Other my laptop hp pavilion see the net, iPhone also see it. I did everything I found through the internet-in vain, no networks. Could you help me with issue?
  10. Everything is working from yesterday. Think next step will be replacement of the existing Ssd (intel 535 120GB) to the Crucial MX300 275GB. But I think I could challenge everything by my own in the end (new installation I mean; l've got everything now). Thanks everyone who took part in thread. Special thanks to Jake Lo.
  11. Yes, as you mentioned in readme to lores files (dsdt and plist)
  12. Got all that done - out dsdt from lores, rename it and the result is 4 rects. So I deleted dsdt once more - everything is ok. I mean screen of course. config.plist I renamed too (at the start)
  13. Put your dsdt - the screen devided onto 4 rectangles - sure this is some feature of dsdt. so I deleted it. and I made so minor changes in your config - change default boot volume and timeout. after that got reboot. first boot after those actions was corrupted - os version is not set yet or smth like that, but next reboot is ok. sound is still missed( No, I don't even use dsdt. never had practice in patching dsdt. So the solution is that? How can I patch dsdt? and in case I use your dsdt is already patched? but what for screen artifacts (4 rectangles)
  14. Made all that you told step by step: put the AppleHDA_IDT to /Library/Extension ​use config.plist from your bootpack (lores config; but i use only config; ssdt I generated from my config.plist - should I regain it from yours?). rerun mentioned commands. sound is still missed.
  15. Yes, I've rebooted but sound is missed. the icon is grey. Sorry( I re-read your posts once more - not sure I understood everything right - in L/E/ I put AppleHDAIDT.kext and what shall I put in S/L/E/? Patched AppleHDA.kext?What does it mean patched AppleHDA.kext? If I'm right in S/L/E/ is already presented AppleHDA.kext so I should patch it? How can I do that?
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