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  1. Help me to install osx on lenovo v480c attaching extracted filesorigin.ziplenovo v480c origin.7z
  2. Yes to increase vram, QE/CI ports I tried all ways..... But nothing worked And I'll upload my config soon
  3. High Sierra 10.13.6
  4. Hello, peoples... I have a e6420 and e7240 I'm having this wierd issue with this e6420 while making music and working on it... It freezes.... And the mouse moves around But when click it's just irresponsive... I'm not sure... What is the problem... And if somebody have a stable working config... Please give me... And im really afraid... Of this issue.. . Coz it'll be very painful If this freeze happens.... When I perform live I used some patched Intelhd3000 graphics kexts... Also... But I'm getting this unexpected issue at very crucial times Some shed some lights on this...guide me Save me
  5. Hi installing high sierra with your bootpack But USB mouse not working Also how to repair permissions and rebuild kext cache after putting into /L/E
  6. Ok let me try again So with all this I'll get headphones and speakers audio proper I mean seperate outputs Speakers and headphones playing together sometimes... It's very painful
  7. I tried this already And I have a confusion which 3rd party kexts should be inside /S/L/E And /L/E
  8. Hi everyone After trying codec commander so many bootpacks.... I'm posting... I have a e7240 BIOS is latest A29 10.13.6 which I want to use for djing and making music It's booting and working well... But I'm having a wierd audio issue... As listed below... 1 speakers works headphone detects, but no sound.... 2, speakers and headphones works... Together... 3, speakers works headphone doesn't detects I tried codeccommander and everything... I need fresh guide or working bootpacks Please help me I used Jake LO E7440_HS Bootpack also As he suggested And please guide me which kexts Should be in /L/E/ and /S/L/E/ Folders
  9. e7240 issue

    speakers and headphones playing together
    sometimes headphone detects but no audio

    if possible please provide a working bootback 
    and tell me what 3rd party kexts should be in /L/E and /S/L/E 

    Please help i want to make music in this laptop

    hopefully finish my album which is delayed since past 6 years

    due to low end Laptops

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