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  1. Hi, finaly X1 Carbon 3rd gen, work almost perfectly using macos mojave.. battery issue solved by patching DSDT sound issue solved by install AppleALC.kext thanks
  2. thanks @Jake Lo after trial and error so many times finally usb 3.0 work
  3. Hi, I'm successfully install mojave on thinkpad x1 carbon 3rd gen with specification : intel core i5 5300u intel HD5500 with 2k display.. some functionality didn't work like battery indicator, sound and wifi(will replace with dw1560 soon).. here is my clover folder(without theme), hope some one would like to help me make this laptop perfect mackintosh CLOVER.zip
  4. I had follow this step, but usb 3.0 still not work, I can only plug usb 2.0 drive to usb 2.0 port
  5. Thanks @Jake Lo unfortunatelly its not work, I can't apply (Clover Rename XHC1 -> XHC) this *deleted* didn't work too
  6. Thanks @Jake Lo I can boot and install Mojave now, the only minor problem is my external drive (1 TB) is not detected when I plug it on front usb port, but usb installer normally detected. som when I need to using my external drive I must plug it in back usb port. may be I need to add additional kext to solve this.
  7. I had tried remove FakeSMC, system able to boot then blank screen.
  8. yes, I had tried that attached files, and I got this error :
  9. I had remove EmuVariableUefi-64.efi, but booting process stop at same pict in post 1
  10. Thanks Herve, its not error, but instalation process stop at that pict.. I had update first post for update information about spesification and clover folder
  11. Hi, my prodesk 600 G2 DM installed sierra which with no problem except WIFI. now, I'm try to install mojave using same kext, but installation process stop at this picture. may be there are suggestions for resolve this problem Prodesk 600 G2 DM Spesification : Intel core i5 Skylake 6500T Intel HD530 Grahics 4gb ddr4 ram ALC221 sound intel i219-LM ethernet thanks CLOVER.zip
  12. Update : Shutdown problem solved by changing S5 Maximum Power Savings to Enable in BIOS (without update BIOS) thanks all
  13. I'll try to update bios and will report result later. thanks
  14. Jake Lo : still not work, after shutdown about seconds later its turn on
  15. yes in BIOS Wake on LAN disable. here is my original folder origin.zip
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