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Sound and Battery problem in Thinkpad X1 Carbon 3rd Gen[Mojave]


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I'm successfully install mojave on thinkpad x1 carbon 3rd gen with specification :

intel core i5 5300u

intel HD5500 with 2k display..


some functionality didn't work like battery indicator, sound and wifi(will replace with dw1560 soon)..


here is my clover folder(without theme), hope some one would like to help me make this laptop perfect mackintosh :)



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I was able to get Mojave working. 

Intel Wifi card doesn't work, so waiting for a Wifi USB dongle to arrive. Most everything else seems fine. Battery life seems good.


Worst problem is the trackpad control is quite funky. If you move your finger fast over the trackpad (i.e. want to quickly get from one side of the screen to the other), the pointer becomes very jittery and doesn't move much. Can be helped somewhat with a pointer speedup in the terminal (defaults write -g com.apple.trackpad.scaling X (where 'X' is a value, probably around 10...do a restart to test)), and an app called Mos that helps two fingered scrolling .

If anyone was able to fix the pointer control, please let us know. It's quite frustrating.


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