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5285 with H Sierra


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Hi, are the 5285 specs similar with other latitudes? I wonder what works and what not? If someone else already performed successful installation on the 5285 please provide clover configuration and kexts so I wont start from scratch.


thank you


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This is a tablet PC similar to Microsoft's Surface Pro. I don't think we have anyone hack this here before so you'll have to start from scratch.

For starters, let's start specifying the system's full specs and we'll go from there. The removable keyboard/ touchpad / stylus will be something that might be a bit of a challenge.

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I managed to install High Sierra. I have a config.plist that works somehow. However, I can only boot by blocking inject kexts Lilu and IntelGraphicsFixup and an invalid ig-platform-id. I have an EDIMAX nano WIFI usb that works.


The keyboard doesn't work but the touchpac/trackpad & mouse works. I patched ISOUSBFamily.kext with this:


<key>Generic Keyboard</key>



but no effect. I also blocked the injection of the Voodoo kext but no difference.


I'm stuck with this for now. Of course audio and other don't work yet, but the most important now is the graphic card and the keyboard. 





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Try replacing the contents to /EFI/Clover


Since you're running dual boot with Windows, run dxdiag.exe. Save the txt file and attach it

That will help determine what devices are installed like audio...


/!\ Updated some kext to autodetect graphics

Add audio layout-id to 28 for ALC225


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