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Trackpad issues


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Hey, I Have a D820 an some issues with my trackpad.

I can´t click on my trackpad to drag my folder around.

The course just freze for 3 seconds.

And if I make a right klick I have to hold the right click because

otherwise the menu disappears.


Ok, I used the Slice kext for my trackpad.


On voodoops2 is everything perfekt, but I can´t have

trackpad pref. lane in my settings.

Any tips what kext I should use?


Using SL 10.6.8

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I know, thanks for your answer, but I

tried all 4 and the best working for me

seems the voodoops2controller.


Only problem is that the mouse is slow as

f*ck und I can´t make changes in the settings pane

because it´s saies no trackpad or mouse found.

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