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E6430 Clover not showing boot drive


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I setup my E6430 to how the guide on this site said to do. My laptop was working with most things working. The most important thing that wasn't working was the wifi. I got a Dell DW 1510 to replace the intel wifi card that came with the laptop. After replacing the wifi, I no longer see my boot drive on the clover boot screen. The only things on the screen are FileVault Prebooter, macOS Prebooter, and Recovery. I booted in the recovery to see if the drive isn't working, I saw that I can mount the drive and, using the file browser in safari, I see all the files on the drive. I also could mount the EFI in terminal. I attached the EFI folder so you can see if something broke in it and also linking images of the drive info. I'm not exactly sure why my drive is missing. The only other thing that could cause it not working was I did update the OS to 10.13.4 from 10.13.3, but I had rebooted before after the update and the drive was there. The issue only came up after changing the wifi card. Also, when in Recovery, the wifi does connect. So does anyone what I should do to get my boot drive visible again in clover?



efi backup.zip

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