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E7240: High Sierra


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hello ,

I have a dell latitude e7240 that i want hack High Sierra, can someone give me a push to start it up !

i recently rebuilt my old pc (sierra 10,12,5) to a Skylake i5 and h200 + nvme too easy to get everything work ...

A laptop seems so hard , with my build have probably a usb issue, trying to boot installer crash it up !

please help needed




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Hello !

First i really want to thank u for the huge step passed on today with your help!


back in hackintosh for the end of the day ! i'am able to boot properly on usb thumb drive ; HS looks starting fast and can see battery level on top but the new thumb drive i made for it push me to restore panel and it ask me to download installer prior ?!

don't really know how to avoid this useless download ?

Or maybe I create the stick badly ...?

another useful help needed ( one time a day not more ) pls



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Still get my problem on installer but whatever i trying by downloading directly from this utilities 

I have realize that efi apfs missing so add it and can see apfs disk on start indeed the PREBOOT volume that canno't be shown elsewhere.

keep you in touch for some other problem or help

thanks for all you usefull help in my project !

Your config.plist is pretty handsome (seems to be a little slower than expected on boot the installer)

i think if everything reaching the and of installation process will try to make my own ssdt for the i5-4300U that i have 

remember me that make a big difference in booting speed...

give some screenshoot after finishing.


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