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7480 High Sierra


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Greetings guys. Thanks for all your support. Hopefully you guys can help me with my current setup.


I successfully installed 10.13.4 on a latitude 7480 with HD 620 graphics. 


however, I have couple of problems that I'm sure with your help can be resolved. 

Installed, in this machine is a dw1650 wireless card. nevertheless, only bluetooth seems to be working. 

in the about this Mac section it shows that my system has a intel hd 520 with 4 mb. 

the trackpad works however I'm unable to do gestures like in example scrolling. 

there is some locks after the system goes into sleep. 

I'm unable to change the brightness and none of the f keys work. 

lastly, sound is not working from the speakers nor the headphone jack 


attached is my EFI folder which I copied from the 7x40 guide 


thanks for your help. I really appreciate your time


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Jake Lo, thank you for responding so fast. yes I meant to say dw1560 

I count find a complete boot pack in the link you provided. However, I do remember seeing a thread where you do provide a complete bootpack (all kexts included named 7480_skylake)

this one . I do remember using it and the end result was a KP. However, I could give it another go if you instruct me to. 


thank you again 



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oh WOW!!! progress progress :wub:


graphics was corrected with the changes. 

bluetooth still works (tested with AirPods); however, no wifi detected.

sound works flawlessly.  trackpad still works but no gestures like scrolling. 

I'm unable to change the brightness through the keyboards. 


anyways thanks very much. hopefully everyone here with a 7480 can follow these instructions to get theirs working. 



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Gona have to patch your native files since the bootpack from catmater doesn't have internal wifi install, so the additional hardware makes the difference.

Boot to Clover GUI, hit F4. Continue to boot OS X. Compress and attach /EFI/Clover/ACPI/Origin here for patching

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