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[SOLVED] Dell Precision 7510; Can't get 10.13.4 installer to boot


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I literally can't get the 10.13.4 installer to boot; I keep getting kernel panic errors with the default tonycrapx86 installer setup. In the past I did get 10.12 sierra to install and work. But I can't seem to get this working. I even tried a clover setup from one of the post on here, the user lamtran has the exact setup as mine and helped me in the past with sierra. I zipped the clover build, but still a kernel panic using that; I also attached a picture of the kernel panic. Hopefully someone here can help?


The system specs:

Dell Precision 7510

Cpu: i7 6820hq

Ram: DDR4 8gb

GPU: amd w5170m (AMD 7700) deditcated


Thanks in advance



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