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D6xx - Performance Comparison


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Hi Guys..!!


Although I haven't been on forums anywhere, I did install Snow Leopard 10.6.3, Upgraded to 10.6.6 & 10.6.8.

I also have performed a clean install of Lion on My System too..(with everything working in all cases i.e.

from LAN, WiFi, to VGA & Even Sleep)... using the guides provided on the awesome website.. =) =*


I even was able to dualboot Windows 7 & SL as well as Lion & Windows 7.


However, I am afraid both SL & Lion fail (on my machine) to deliver the performance that Windows 7 is able to.

I know it is understandable as OS X is not meant to be for PCs but is it the case with all of you or just me??


Also, both Lion & SL eat up battery 3 times faster than 7 does. My EDP configuration is listed below..


The D620 with OS X is indeed slow as compared to equivalent MacBook specs... (of course graphics of d620 are low)

Is there any way we could improve on system's performance and make more equivalent to windows 7??




My System


Model: D620 with Intel GMA 950

Processor: 2.0 Core 2 Duo T7200

RAM: 3 Gigs




EDP Configuration

Version: 2.2 (for SL, I Used 1.8)

Null CPU Power Management

Voodoo Battery (Tried Apple Too)

CPU Side Step (or whatever it is called.. PStateMenu)



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Well I uninstalled NullCPU and the system is faster now =)

However, it is now too damn heated up..


Also when I resume from Sleep the touchpad movement is hindered.. and the system does not shutdown.. hangs at Shutdown spiral screen!

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