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D630 Working Fine, But No Graphics ??


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Hi All,


i have done a bit of searching on here but all the answers people have given dont seem to work, i have installed SN via the OSX boot disc and a retail SN disc, it seems to install fine bar some graphics lag, ie the status bar not filling properly, but the occassional tap of the down arrow seems to update the screen.


post install after the boot text has finished i get a nice black screen with the welcome video playing, i have no graphics at all, but the sound seems fine, and the keyboard responds, i can get into the single user text mode but cannot seem to run the GUI.


i have done as someone suggested on someone elses thread about removing the wifi card, this hasnt solved the issue, i have tried using the -x boot string for safe mode and i get the same.


System Spec


Intel Cresent Graphics

2GB Ram

160Gb HD



Retail SN DVD

OSX Boot Disk & tonycraps boot disc.


Anyone have any solutions, i must stress i have not done much MAC work before so would be greatful for an idiot guide where possible, thanks.

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check again in your bios for resolution you might have the highres screen 1440x900 or whatever it is, then look through the forum for a high res dsdt for your model.


Hi Bronteck,


according to the bios -


Intel Crestline Graphics

Video Bios 1588

Video Memory 8Mb

Panel Type - 14" Wide XGA

Native Res 1280x768


i have tried



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