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D630 Intel X3100 Succes SL :D


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I got SL to run on my D630 (X3100) 1280x800 and I wanted to share how.


First the problems that I encountered.


Used USB pen with Extra folder from the Usb pen Howto ( wiki)

Installer gave me a KP , only bootable with -x -v bootflags.

Installed SL but now booting from HDD gave me a KP. Again booting with -x -v helped but did not fix it.


What did work?

Flashing the bios with the OSX bios A17

After making the usb pendrive, I downloaded the D630 intel bootpack from /supported devices/ placed it in my SL installer. ( Its the extra folder)

Install boots fine , but no Keyboard or trackpad. ( So I used usb mouse and keyboard which did work)

Booting from HDD worked ( NO KP) installed E.D.P 1.9.2 rebooted and everything is working :D.


Thanks everyone on this site for providing me with the possibility to install macOsx on my beloved Dell.



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Congrats, man. I have SL on my D620 and it is indeed pretty great.


I have a couple questions and/or wonder if you could try a couple of things:


1.) Does Bit.trip Beat play in Snow Leopard? On the GMA 950 the graphics are corrupted and you can't see the paddle/ball. It works fine on the GMA950 in Lion but Lion is otherwise unstable for me.

2.) Does Pioneer Trail (facebook game) play without lag? The GMA 950 is very slow with that game.


I'm trying to get a relatively inexpensive Dell for my wife that will play those two games (the D620 is fine for what I do though, so I will keep it), and I'm trying to avoid paying the price premium for a model with nVidia graphics if at all possible.

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try grahicsenabler=yes in boot.plist with chame svn rev 1806.

I already have graphicsenabler=yes (and I have QE and CI, as evidenced by the water effect when you drop a new widget on the dashboard), but I don't have that recent of a Chameleon. I'm using whatever it is that's in the EDP. I'll try upgrading and see what happens, though.


edit: yeah, that made absolutely no difference - the drivers were loaded, but the drivers themselves are meh. I even removed the ones from /Extra/Extensions and re-built my Extensions.mkext and it's still weird. The stock Apple drivers work, they just suck. And I think it's just that the hardware is slow. Still interested in the D630 at some point.


edit2: i just want to express that it's not anyone's fault but Apple's. We deal with what we have. :D

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make sure the os is in 32bit arch=i386 in boot.plist

System Profiler has this line:


64-bit Kernel and Extensions: No


So it's definitely in 32-bit mode.


And again, i know the drivers are loading because I have QE and CI. it's just bad drivers. I can play Civ IV, but Flash is painfully slow and Bit.Trip Beat has graphics corruption. I can deal with upgrading. Thanks for trying to help though. :)

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