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macOS Mojave 10.14 beta Running on my D630


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It'll be the same EFI folder as for Sierra or High Sierra. You can derive it from the initial Chameleon/Enoch bootpacks available here.


Due to unsupported C2D CPU + nVidia GPU, the D630 (like the D830) requires the well-known tricks for Mojave:

  • replacement of telemetry plugin by that of High Sierra 10.13.6 to avoid non-SSE4.2 C2D-related KP (extract it from 10.13.6 combo update available off Apple's web site)
  • installation of Tesla kexts from High Sierra 10.13.6 (they do not exist in Mojave due to lack of compatibility with Metal). I recommend you install those in /L/E
  • patched PlatformSupport.plist or, ideally, change of SMBIOS to a Mojave-compatible model like, say MBP9,x (this is required for Mojave updates)


And, since Mojave 10.14.4, you also need:

  • replacement of GPUSupport + OpenGL frameworks by those from Mojave 10.14.3 (extract them from 10.14.3 combo update)


You can refer to these threads/guides:



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