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How to get enoch patch kext in the fly

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I heard enoch has capability of the clover to patch in the fly kext.


How to use it? i cant find the manual regarding this?

any examples?


like yhis patch, courtesy of lisai9093 and ceckpawon (insanelymac), will lessen the severity. 

Comment: Boot graphics glitch, 10.10.x/10.11.x (credit lisai9093, cecekpawon)
Name: IOGraphicsFamily
Find: <01000075 17>
Replace: <010000eb 17>

in clover config.plist :


    <string>Boot graphics glitch, (credit lisai9093, cecekpawon)</string>


how to practice this in enoch?


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It's done via /E/E/kexts.plist. It follow the same principles as Clover. Details available here in IM's Chameleon thread. Use one of the latest versions such as r2905 or r2908.


Micky1979 attached sample files too. Here's one for you:

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Thank you Herve.

But If using r29xx then the verbose will be missing right?

I saw the AppleHDA for your ADI soundcard patch also. Do you use it with DummyHDA kext ?

Which one better, using fly patch for AIUCPM pr patched already AICPUM in L/E ?




After trial, it works.

1. your kexts.plist is corrupt if opened by plist editor. there is misaligned in AppleHDA patching.

2. It is placed on /Extra not at /Extra/Extension

3. The personalities wifi ar9285 made hangs.freeze. I removed and investigating. Maybe it not needed dsdt patches ar9285  

4. Glitches disappear! Bur also the verbose since using new enoch 29xx boot loader ;)



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Verbose mode works fine in r290x for any late OS X/recent macOS versions.


Indeed, there was an erroneous/misplaced </dict> right under AppleHDA; remove it and the file will be Ok. Pre-Patched AICPUPM works the same as on the-fly-patch. I guess the former is a tad quicker than the latter, simply because it caches a kext whereas the on-the-fly performs an on-the-fly action on the cache.


The file I posted was a sample; If the AR9285 patch is irrelevant to you (i.e. you have no such card), of course you should remove it.

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it impressive that chameleon can act like clover/refit

i see that it has fixrtc also means it also can patch acpi, right ?

what patches kext or acpi that enoch bootloader can do as clover do. i am missing that information.

Like patch dsdt on the fly, add dtgp method, fix shutdown, plugintype=1,Renaming ACPI objects,Removing methods,Redirect and Replace,Rename and Replace,Code value patching (like mutex non zero).


So verbose will works on sierra / high sierra, but not worked at el capitan?

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Enoch does not do those other things that Clover does, like all those ACPI patching. For kext patching, I believe it's self explanatory: it completes a find/replace action on cached kext just as Clover does. The code is expressed in Base64 as per Clover if you open up a Clover config in, say, TextEdit.


Again, all is explained in the IM thread I linked above.

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