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dell precision m4400

Hass Houss

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Without this site I would not of been able to accomplish turning my laptop in to a fully working hackintosh , I used Herve boot pack , which worked flawless in clover but I have two issues ,, when I use google chrome I get garbled graphics but on safari or even viewing a blu ray is fine , only on chrome I have this issue which I can't find a cure for and I also have over heating cores for no apparent reason on a newly installed high Sierra os .


the specs are as follows 


Model Name:  Mac Pro

Model Type:  Late 2013

Model Identifier:  MacPro6,1

Board Identifier:  Mac-F60DEB81FF30ACF6

Processor Name:  Quad-Core Intel Xeon CPU Q9300

Processor Model:  Ivy Bridge-EP

Processor Speed:  2.53 GHz

Number of Processors:  1

Total Number of Cores:  4

Memory Size:  8 GB 800 MHz DDR2 SDRAM

Graphics Model:  NVIDIA Quadro FX 770M, 512 MB

Assembled in:  United States

Manufactured during:  October 2013

Serial Number:  F5KLMFT3F694

L1 Cache:  64 KB

L2 Cache:  12 MB

L3 Cache:  -

Processor Bitrate:  64 bit

EFI Bitrate:  64 bit

Kernel Bitrate:  64 bit

Bus Speed:  -

Boot ROM Version:  MP61.0120.B00

System SMC Version:  2.20f18

Power Source:  AC Power.

Hardware Universal Unique Identifier:  FB1FCEDE-3AF3-5153-A29F-F45DD0279B14

Minimum Supported Operating System:  OS X 10.9 Build 13A4023 (Mavericks)

Current Boot Operating System:  macOS 10.13.6 Build 17G65 (High Sierra)

Maximum Supported Operating System:  Latest version of macOS 10.13 (High Sierra)


a101101s-MacBook-Pro:~ a101101$ lspci -nn

00:00.0 Class [0600]: Device [8086:2a40] (rev 07)

00:01.0 Class [0604]: Device [8086:2a41] (rev 07)

00:19.0 Class [0200]: Device [8086:10f5] (rev 03)

00:1a.0 Class [0c03]: Device [8086:2937] (rev 03)

00:1a.1 Class [0c03]: Device [8086:2938] (rev 03)

00:1a.2 Class [0c03]: Device [8086:2939] (rev 03)

00:1a.7 Class [0c03]: Device [8086:293c] (rev 03)

00:1b.0 Class [0403]: Device [8086:293e] (rev 03)

00:1c.0 Class [0604]: Device [8086:2940] (rev 03)

00:1c.1 Class [0604]: Device [8086:2942] (rev 03)

00:1c.2 Class [0604]: Device [8086:2944] (rev 03)

00:1c.3 Class [0604]: Device [8086:2946] (rev 03)

00:1d.0 Class [0c03]: Device [8086:2934] (rev 03)

00:1d.1 Class [0c03]: Device [8086:2935] (rev 03)

00:1d.2 Class [0c03]: Device [8086:2936] (rev 03)

00:1d.7 Class [0c03]: Device [8086:293a] (rev 03)

00:1e.0 Class [0604]: Device [8086:2448] (rev 93)

00:1f.0 Class [0601]: Device [8086:2917] (rev 03)

00:1f.2 Class [0106]: Device [8086:2929] (rev 03)

00:1f.3 Class [0c05]: Device [8086:2930] (rev 03)

01:00.0 Class [0300]: Device [10de:065c] (rev a1)

03:01.0 Class [0607]: Device [1180:0476] (rev ba)

03:01.1 Class [0c00]: Device [1180:0832] (rev 04)

03:01.2 Class [0805]: Device [1180:0822] (rev 21)

03:01.3 Class [0880]: Device [1180:0843] (rev 11)

0b:00.0 Class [0280]: Device [14e4:4331] (rev 02)

a101101s-MacBook-Pro:~ a101101$


it shows the cpu as xeon etc so I need fine tuning also the each core is over 20% more hotter than it should be . , Dear Herve can you message me so I may talk more privately , would appreciate it , this can be tweaked up to run fully by you so please contact me 

Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 13.08.59.png

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-> moved from Guides section to the correct Support section...


Ok, we need to clarify a few things...


The Precision M4400 is a mobile workstation, i.e. a powerful business laptop but a laptop nevertheless. As such, it cannot be fitted with Xeon Q9300 which is a 95W Yorkfield desktop workstation/server CPU. This also means it's not an IvyBridge-EP CPU. These indications must result from the fact you opted for an incorrect MacPro6,1 SMBIOS instead of a MacBookPro.


You really should identify the real specs of your M4400 so that you know what's it's built on. It'll be a Penryn Core2Duo or maybe a Core2Extreme CPU and, in all likelihood, one of those late FSB1066 model. The correct SMBIOS model to opt for will be MacBookPro7,1.


With regards to CPU heat, it's probably not running with adequate power management (if any at all), so you need to look that up ahead of anything else.


With regards to graphics, you'll have to proceed with the AGPM tuning I had detailed several years ago on the forum.

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