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E6430 Correct Install Way...

Ja Jou

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Comp. SPC


i7-3740QM,Nvidia NVS5200M

2x4 DDR3L SK Hynix Ram

2 SSD Drvs.(1st in Laptop Main sata port, 2nd in CD/DVD Caddy)

Bios Vers. A14


I need to run FCPX for editing (i export videos in different system) maybe sometimes i export videos as an SOS solution

And also Logic Pro


I dont need WIFI-BLUETOOTH,imessage etc.


-which is the correct guide that i have to follow?

-if i have to install a previous OSX version for better compat. with my machine this is no problem but i like to run the latest vers. of fcpx and logic is that possible in el cap for example?(because i read that el cap have better comp as OS with the Nvidia Card of the laptop in addition with High Sierra)and i thought that this is a good feature to help fcpx's workflow and dont stress the CPU,(edit and export) even if is an nvidia card and not AMD.

-I want to make the laptop Dual Boot Win10-OSX is there any special Bios Sett that i have to do before inst?

-Did The sequ. of the install OS's play some role?(For example OSX in Main Drive and Windows in The Caddy one?) or it doesnt matter?

-Did i have to make some Bios Sett. Before the inst. like the desktop Hackintosh's?


Thanks for ur time :):)




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