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Elementary OS on chromebook / ChromeOS


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In a earlier thread we discussed howto make a good container for running Ubuntu 16.x with the unity interface - and while unity is a pretty sweet interface - Elementary OS might just suit us macOS geeks a tad better - sadly, no such target exists in crouton today and the solutions found on github for adding it dosent seem stable .. or well.. buggy at best.

So, how now the best solution seems to install a standard ubuntu with xfce4 and modify it to suit our needs.

I can't take the credits for making this guide - but i did put together a crouton backup that you can download directly from OSXL.

Download link: http://files.osxlatitude.com/leon/crouton/eos-20180828-1804.tar.gz

Quick restore guide:
 0. As always, you need to be in developer mode, have crouton on your machine at have created atleast one machine
 1. Download the file into your downloads folder
 2. Open a console CTRL+ALT+T, change to shell and nagivate to your download folder
 4. Now restore the container with: sudo edit-chroot -f /media/removable/your_path_on_drive_to_backup_file -r chrootname_of_your_choice
 5. After restore, test to run it with "sudo startxfce4"
 6. If it dident work to run it, try upgrading it with XIWI (notice that need to have the XIWI plugin installed in chrome for that to work)
... type: sudo sh ~/Downloads/crouton -t xiwi -u -n chroot_name_that_you_used_before


If you did everything right you should get something pretty like this...

btw.. user is "lsb" and password is "123123" :)



If you rather wanna do the hard work urself - just follow this guide:






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