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Dell 5570. Help with dsdt.


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In another forum they told me that 

"the change you made here is wrong:

                If (LEqual (PM6H, One))
                    CreateBitField (BUF0, \_SB.PCI0._Y0C._RW, ECRW)  // _RW_: Read-Write Status
                    Store (Zero, ECRW (If (PM0H)
                                CreateDWordField (BUF0, \_SB.PCI0._Y0D._LEN, F0LN)  // _LEN: Length
                                Store (Zero, F0LN)


Some of the _PRW changes you made are wrong (no need to delete _PRW for 0x69).

SBUS fixing not needed for your hardware. (that is mostly Ivy and older).

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