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[SOLVED] My poor ALC293 in E7250 macOS Mojave


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I7 5600U

My macOS has been installed for a week . But there is a problem, I can not install the sound card driver, I looked up a lot of information and article , also search  other alc293 in the forum how to solve the problem, but useless.... I have the latest lily.kext and AppleALC.kext


so may you guys help!!!!!!! if you are free.After all, I know that everyone is very busy.


and thank you so much          


difficult ENGLISH!!!

here is my clover


btw,why I lost my bluetooth. can't find it at all



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7 hours ago, Jake Lo said:

Does your system have dual graphics?

It doesn't look like it does, not sure why you have SSDT-DisableDGPU.aml in the patched folder.

Try my file, replace the contents into /EFI/Clover



yeah my e7250 only have one graphics  Intel HD5500

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