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help higt Sierra

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Hi, Please me

my PC is a Latitude E6430 i7 3540 3GHz Bios A22 Graphic hd 4000. 16Gb Ram HD 500Gb ssd Crucial. I need to install Higt Sierra and can setup Clover or Complete Help ?. my problem is HD 4000 and USB port. Thank you and I apologize for my writing I'm Italian.

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Unless you have a DSDT that was repatched off BIOS A22, expect to experience garbled graphics on screen. To avoid this, maximum BIOS version is A12. To revert to that BIOS version, 1st downgrade to tjhe lowest possible version available on Dell's web site, then upgrade to A12.


You'll find full installation details in this guide:


The HD4000 Capri layout to use depends on your built-in LCD resolution. Inject layout-id 0x01660004 for resolution GTE 1600x900, otherwise use 0x01660003 for lower resolutions such as 1366x768.


All your USB ports will workj as long as you:

1) rename EHCx devices to EH0x

2) inject/install a USB injector kext (Rehabman's USBInjectAll highly recommended)

3) use the appropriate SMBIOS (MBP9,x)


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