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  1. You can find help for your problem, but this is not the right section. You can post your question here: Dell Latitude E series Help
  2. Ok, thanks for the answer. I'm going to try use the createinstallmedia command, it seems kind of odd, cause I tried to create a Sierra pendrive and the same thing happened.
  3. Hi, everyone ! Unfortunately, I no longer have macOS Sierra installed in my Dell Latitude E6230(i5-3340m, 1366x768). I was trying to set-up a pendrive using a virtual machine in VMware, but i can't see the hidden file BaseSystem.dmg from InstallESD.dmg. I can see all the hidden files from my system, but the ones in the dmg file don't show up. I guess this is happening because I'm running it in VM. Can anyone share the hidden BaseSystem files? I'm not currently having access to any MacBook.
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