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Writing to HDD serious problem - data loss. MacOS & Windows


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I am new to forum, and would like to say hello to everyone.

I am using MacOS and Windows on separate SSD on Dell Precision M6700. 

I have had MacOS configured by advanced person from our local Polish community. Its a vanilla install not all those unifail and so on.

The issue I have is a serious one. Besides two SSD for systems, I have one HDD shared for two systems. Previously I used ExFAT but the problem happened to me.

When I have made changes to HDD, (new folders, items, files and so on) when logged on MacOS, then I switched to Windows and files on HDD were as they were before changes made on MacOS. When I clicked to repair disk (on WIN) folder structure repaired and then everything was as on MacOS.

I was told to switch to NTFS and use paragon software to avoid risk of this happening again, but this happened. Unfortunately after repairing disk on WIN, not only it did not work, but "deleted" files even on MacOS system. 

Now I have to go to recovery company, and this is not the issue I want to talk about.

I really want to use my hackintosh, but I am looking for solution to this problem. Does anyone know what might have happened? Where to look for clue? How to solve it?

Best regards


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