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[SOLVED] A few E7450 problems I'm having

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Hello! I've recently installed High Sierra on my E7450, but I'm having a few problems getting everything working correctly. Help with this is greatly appreciated :)

1) Caps lock double press

For some reason, I have to double press the caps lock to enable/disable it. This is kind of annoying, but I can get used to it if I'm unable to find a fix.


2) Computer sleeping(?) after boot

When I start up the computer, it glitches for half a second or so and powers the display off. I have to close the lid and open it back up to turn the screen on. I looked at this link and applied the fixes but they didn't work, sadly.


Other than that, everything's working surprisingly well with the bootpack. Thank you!


Also, if anyone's interested in the kexts I have installed:
















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1) this is a known issue. If you want to have a different keyboard behaviour try replacing the ApplePS2Controller.kext with an ALPS driver (for more information,  see here) but keep in mind that you might lose the trackstick.

2) This second one in much more complicated to me. Probably Jake can solve it "quite" easy.

You can update your kext folder using Whatevergreen.kext instead of Shiki and IntelGraphicsDVMTFixup. You can also delete EAPDFix (also from L/E) since is no more needed.


Remember to complete and to show your signature in order to make admins to better help you. Read also this thread to post debug files properly


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On 11/6/2018 at 11:03 AM, Jake Lo said:

Replace the files in /EFI/Clover with this

Config, ACPI, and kexts folder, keeping the rest

Done! After a bit of testing, everything's working pretty well. Thank you!

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