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E7450 Mojave installer problem


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Hello. Im having a problem with the macOS installer: when my AC adapter is plugged in, it wont show the macos Utilities, the LCD turns off but the laptop keeps running. But when I'm using only the battery, without the AC adapter, I'm able to see the macOS Utilities and proceed with the installation. Im booting in verbose mode, and in both cases (battery and AC adapter) the logs are almost the same, at least the last 20 lines:


Boot logs when installer starts successfully (after these lines, I can install macOS): 




Boot log with AC adapter plugged in (blackscreen after these lines):




BIOS config:

SATA Operation: AHCI

Secure boot off

Legacy option ROM: Enabled

Boot List option: UEFI

BIOS Version: A08

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Thank you, that worked. Now, im following the post-installation steps and I got stucked here: 




If I click Mount, I get an error (Finder detected an error: -10000). What should I do?




I downloaded EFI Mounter from Insanelymac, maybe a newer version, and got this: https://imgur.com/2m9u4ZZ

The buttons doesn't work

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