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[SOLVED] Please help and support (E7240)


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Hi Community,

I created a usb to intall Mac os High Sierra, but do not know add what EFI and config.plist  files to Clover.

My Laptop specs:

Dell Latitude 7240 Ultrabook

Cpu: Corei7 Haswell 2,1ghz.

8G Ram DDR3.

Intel HD Graphics 4600

Realtek Audio ALC 3266.

Thank advance.



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Drive to install mac HS is not GPT. When using Disk Utility to erase this drive , it only display

2 items: Name and Format. I named and formatted : Mac OS Extended ( Journaled).

But when Install Mac OS, it informs  that this disk doesn't use the GUID Partition Table scheme. Use Disk Utility to change partition scheme. DU has not volume scheme. What do I do ?

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I formatted ssd Samsung 128gb: GUID Partition Table. Then I install Mac OS High Sierra after divide it into

2 partitions. Part 1 (50gb) to install Mac OS. When status bar remains about 2,3 minutes then panic.

" Invalid partition table." appear.

Please help me.

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I installed at this step (attached file). That is , remaining 3 minutes then panic and get out.

Before I have read this line:

service exited with abnormal code: 1

kextd stall: AppleACPICPU.

I don' t know what to do.

Please help.

20181110_191738 -.jpg

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I had Mojave.

When remaining 2 minutes, setup automatically reboot. This time, do not choose installer usb. Click on the disk (partition) installing Mojave. Process is about 15 minutes. It's Mojave.

All is work. Sound, status of battery, Ethernet. Intel HD graphics: 1536mb.

I set Sleep mode because system can't boot without usb.

The Forum and especially, Mod Jack Lo are great.

Thanks so much.

Best regards.

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