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Latitude E5450 Glitch


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I've managed to install Mojave on my dell latitude e5450 thanks to the guide posted by Jake. Everything works great, even the trackpad gestures, maybe I'm nit picking but the 1 second glitch before the login screen bothers me little. is there anyway to fix it? 

I've searched the net and none of the fixes have worked for me. I've attached my efi folder.. any assistance would be appreciated.


System specs:

5th gen Core i3

8gb ram

256gb ssd 



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Sorry didn't look at your files until now.

you don't need the DSDT and SSDT-0 -> SSDT-8

The 2 glitch patches are not needed with Whatevergreen

With all that said, it still won't fix the issue. 

You could boot with verbose mode and you won't see the glitch...😉

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