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E6400 High Sierra?


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i´ve installed Yosemite 10.10.5 succsessfull on my Dell Latitude E6400.


is any guide for Upgrading Yosemite to High Sierra aviable?


My Specs:


  Modellname:    MacBook Pro
  Modell-Identifizierung:    MacBookPro5,2
  Prozessortyp:    Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2x2,53Ghz - P8700

  Arbeitsspeicher:  4GB @ 2x2GB - 800Mhz


Chipsatz-Modell:    NVIDIA Quadro NVS 160M
  Typ:    GPU
  VRAM (gesamt):    256 MB


Schnittstellen: Wifi
  Kartentyp:    AirPort Extreme  (0x168C, 0x30AF)
  Firmware-Version:    Atheros 9285:


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how can i find the SMBIOS for it, and high sierra not aviable in appstore? or need a combo update ? 




Changed SMBIOS to MBP7,1 - Downloaded High Sierra 10.13.6 from AppStore - Install Directly direct from Applications/Install High Sierra.app 


Added for my SSD Convert HFS to APFS in /EFI/EFI/Clover/Driver64UEFI/APFS.EFI



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how do this ? im downloaded os high sierra with 250kbs but 2gb absence 3  hours ago ... 2 hours waiting than done download with high sierra installer not via appstore , i downloaded only high sierra installer.app from appstore .... the 4,8gb download from installer, 


@Hervé how do this agpm tuning and can i make this on high sierra too or before 😕 

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what do you mean, my english is not so good SORRY! :-)


i updated to latest clover too with right settings


high sierra maybe 1-1,3gb absence have a full speed internet but its downloaded with 150-300kbps  


@Hervé my laptop are reboot and i chose boot from install macos drive but at the screen the text are very fast then reboots hmm sorry for bad quality its to fast :-D




now IT Install with disable nv and use webdriver


so now i forgot a apfs File i fixes with terminal on Install so now Nvidia working with webdriver. .. thats cool all working but No Sound i Install kext and all good



so i forgot to Install clover over in ESP my system Crash after reboot, Recovery Partition see the Boot None. :( Ill try new 




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