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[SOLVED] No Wifi, but card is detected in E5520.

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On 12/25/2018 at 7:19 AM, Jake Lo said:

Remove the battery and only use the power adapter, see if you still hear the high pitch noise.

Happy Christmas!
Thanks for your continue support on this topic! Thanks to all that contribute to make the installation package possible!
I have made a lot of tests test days and I conclude the following:

0) A (regulator noise?)Strong noise raise for some mili-seconds while booting and then disappear while booting, and the rest of mixed noise is appear especially while have disk, USB IO Operations and while charging.

A) Using Power adapter, the noise is in lower volume and appear only while have disk, USB IO Operations.

b) Using battery the noise is little bit more ( while laptop charging) but, it is acceptable as I state in the previews posts.

C) I run a Linux OS on the same machine and laptop do similar noise while have disk, USB IO Operations but in lower volume. 

D) In windows 10 laptop also do this noise, but it is in lower minimal amount.
I must make this test earlier, this is my fault.
From the above, it seems that the laptop in in good state, but I have two more questions before we close the post:
Can this Laptop Support OSX Mojave using similar procedure as Dosdude patch?
I can afford this noise, but can this noise make serious damage (for that mili-seconds that I hear the strong noise)?

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Yes! I completely understand it now!

I plan to leave it as is because it is Quite stable now! I enjoy it! it is way faster than most of my low end macs!!! Thanks for all this great work Guys!!! (You can mark this post as solved!)

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