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Porting Linux or Windows fan control method to macOS possible?

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I know fan control is tricky on Dell laptops, but it is possible. I've successfully tested the Windows method on my e6330. The fan noise difference is day and night. Under Windows I've setup a custom profile where the fan won't come on until the Cpu is 75c. This results in a much quieter laptop. I would've opted for a constant low rpm fan speed but the e6330 fan only has 3 speeds, off, 2500-3000 and give or take 5000. 


Both Linux and Windows use the same technique to take control; disable Dell bios fan control (EC?) via SMM. I haven't tested the Linux apps yet but I assume they work fine.


My skills are not that good and I was wondering if it would be possible to do this under macOS as well. It would be awesome to setup my own fan curves like in Windows.


Windows: Used a driver and an app (precompiled can be found here) to disable EC and then used HWiNFO to setup a custom fan profile. It works great, downside is that Windows has to run in signing-test mode.

Linux: Not tested (yet) but there are a few routes (see this thread (1/2)) to disable the EC and create custom fan profiles.


I guess on paper it should be possible to create some kext that will disable EC and then we could use a tool like SMC fan control to setup our own curves. But I have no idea if this is feasible. It would be great to get my macOS as quiet as my Windows on this machine.


(PS: I wasn't quite sure where to post this, so I'm sticking to the e6xxx forums, but this should apply to all Dell machines that lack the EC/thermal menu you could make appear with some key combination on the D series.)

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you can search our forum archives there where many projects here regarding fan control. but they would probably need updating for the current round of OS's.

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