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Problem with installing el capitan on e6420


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Hey Many Many thanks to you , i have successfully installed el capitan on my hdd ,

Q -what is the problem now ?

i have installled mac on already installed windows 10 , i have created a partition on my hdd and install mac on in it , now when i restart it will not show option to boot mac os , what should i have to do now .

and one more thing wifi is not working , what i do for internet to be work ...

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i have installed Enoch r2921 on my mac installed drive and also copy extra folder from my usb installer driver to load kext .

so when i boot my laptop it directly show me chamelon boot loader option , but i am unable to boot window 10 using chamelon boot loader , 
how can i configure both .

i pluged a external tp link usb to connect with internet ,
now i need to fix Audio ,

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I assume by now you figured out that you have 10.11.6 installed.

You didn't list what wifi it has installed, so I'll assume Intel which is not supported. See here for a list of supported/unsupported wifi device.

For audio, you'll need to follow the rest of the post installation. 



After reboot, enabled audio and optimise prelinked kernel:

copy all kexts from /Extra/Extensions to /Library/Extensions (ignore and acknowledge the permissions-related error messages)

copy patched AppleHDA from /Extra/Extensions/Copy_to_SLE to /System/Library/Extensions

repair kexts permissions and rebuild cache:



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