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Dell D 420 MAC OS not Set


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Hey guys,

followed the instructions to a tee, got everything working fine...updated OS to 10.6 no issues.

Installed a Broadcom 1390 wifi card, and reinstalled the OS as i could not get it to work...

Anyway long story short i keep installing the OS, installing Chameleon and then edp 1.5 problem is when system restarts

displays Computer needs to be reset and kernel panic stating Mac OS not yet set....

Really would appreciate any help as i loved the os when i had it working...

Thanks in advance


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Hey Paul,


Sorry for the late reply, i'v had alot on my mind lately.


Whats your status now ?


Could you take a picture of your KP and attach it here ?


Hey Leon

Thanks for the reply...

Finally managed to work out what the problem was....

Had moved the img file using win32 and it seems the complete image hadn;t been built...Trip to Apple store on Monday to get a retail copy.

Managed to get Flashnul working and reinstalled using the flashnull image and everything is awesome...

Only two issues are i can;t get my blue tracker mouse to work and the temperature issue...

Out of curiousity is there any fan control programs available for the Dell or just do the heat sink tip?


excellent website very very informative and helpful....

Once again thanks.

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