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myHack running in VMware MacOS

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I would like to install MacOS 10.7.5 Lion on Dell D630 laptop.

I try to run myHack (latest version) in virtual machine to prepare installation USB media but I receive following error:

"line 68: 422 Killed: 9 ./myhack --gui"



I try to use different OS in VM - 10.12 and 10.13 - and there is still the same issue...


Have you got idea how to solve this problem?


I try to google but what I found it was information to use Pandora's Box instead of myHack tool.


Unfortunately I did not find information how to use full pack for D630 Lion (D630_X3100_LoRes_10.7.5_Pack.zip) with Pandora's Box - could you give me short instruction where to put eg. modules, dsdt, etc. (I assume that myHack is doing such thing automatically) please?



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Thanks Hervé. This is important information and I did not find it during the internet search. In fact, today is quite hard to find all necessary information, tools and files because the topic called ‘how to install OSX 10.7’ was hot about 7 years ago. To prepare myHack installation USB stick I used VM with Lion OS but again – what was important – this OS can be run on VMware 7 only - not latest versions 12 or 15. Moreover – it is necessary to modify VM Workstation config file if the OS cannot be started due to insufficient memory issue (although 8 GB is available for virtualization process). Finally, I was able to Install Lion OS on Dell D630 (intel VGA) laptop.

BTW. I decided to use Dell laptop to install OSX because I failed with HP workstation. It is HP XW6400 (Intel 5000X Chipset) and I found information that it is capable to run OSX but without any details – have you got information if 'HP XW6400 bootpack' exist maybe?

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