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(Fixed implemented) - Logging into the site with Username/email *update*


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After a recent upgrade we found that users now was forced to login using their "Username" and no longer could use their "E-mail" to login, this have created a great deal of support tickets and general confusion.

We are truly sorry about that - to the Team's defense this was a chagne in the IPboard software - a fix is now implemented.

In other news we are currently working on a new / better hosting solution since the sponsored hosting we currently are using will be going away.

To this end we have bought our own box and are taking the chance to experiment with other web server software and newer PHP version - ultimately we would have liked to go with Litespeedtech's litespeed web server and asked if they were interested in sponsoring us (being the non-profit site we are) - they could at best offer us 25% rebate - Sadly.

We are currently using Apache - but as everyone knows - its not known for its extreme performance.

If you have experince with webhosting or feel like helping out - please contact me at [email protected]


We also identified an issue with sparpost (the mail service we use) - that is fixed now and you should start to recieve mails from the site.


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