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Inspiron 5558 Broadwell - Sleep isn't working

Ahmed Osama

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Sleep isn't working on my Inspiron 5558 Broadwell.

If I try to make it sleep using "Apple Menu->Sleep", only the screen goes off but it doesn't sleep, also it doesn't respond to keyboard\mouse clicks to make the screen on again, and I must force-restart it.

And closing the lid makes the screen goes off, and opening it turns the screen on again, but no sleep.

Another observation is that if I left the device to be idle, it restarts after the screen goes off within some minutes.


Inserting these fully-patched ACPI files 5558_A14.zip into my config (with Drop OEM=true) fixes the sleep issue, with same kext and config I use, so what am I trying to do if I have working files? I'm trying to patch from scratch using clover fixes\patches to replace patched static files.
Currently I have good results, with almost everything working AFAIK-Test, except sleep (didn't test HDMI and SD card reader).

I was working with DiffMerge and it helped me to figure some applied patches on the files, but I couldn't spot patches related to power/sleep problem.


So, any suggestion to a solution for that problem?

Also suggest tests to be made for some corner cases or rare situations\scenarios that may help to verify that my current patch is stable.


My ACPI files.



Thanks :)

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You were right, the GPU was the cause, it seems that injecting properties to disable its driver wasn't enough.

I have noticed that the instant wake patch caused an issue, that is while adjusting brightness, it goes to highest (or lowest) possible level for an instant then back to the right level, resulting in a flicker effect, however, it isn't a big deal.

Thanks for your time Jake.

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