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E7450 Display Issues on Install


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So, I've followed this guide to install Mojave fresh on my E7450: 

My system is slightly different than Jake's, it being the I5-5300U and running the touchscreen display (not expecting that touch will work in OSX, mind you.) 

But when I try to install it, it loads into Disk Utility with a completely garbled screen. It's unreadable.

Oddly enough, I was able to install Mojave using a different Mojave boot drive, but the keyboard and mouse didn't work, and the HD5500 apparently wasn't working right. It also wasn't seeing my computer as a laptop, but as some kind of desktop. For the most part it worked, though it was a bit laggy due to the graphics card not working right. I've since messed up that installation, but could do it the same way again I imagine. Still, I would like to have the bootpack work for me. Any help would be appreciated. 

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