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E7240 | Mojave 10.14.5 | PR02X dock no video


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Hello everyone,


some weeks ago I finally decided to install mac OS on my laptop (Latitude E7240). I followed this guide written by @Jake Lo and was surprised by how great it all worked out. After that I bought a compatible bt/wifi card, a DW1550 to be more precise and installed the required kexts. Next I decided to try my dock on mac OS. This is where the problems started, I took a look at this guide written by @Hervé and tried to adapt his changes to my setup. Since my laptop was setup with Lilu and WEG I decided to try it out this way because it was working and I just didn't want to break anything.


I was able to increase my VRAM to 2048MB and IORegistryExplorer now even shows the desired outputs on the framebuffers. Now there's just one major and one minor problem to solve. The major problem is that there is no video output on the dock, no DVI or DP what so ever. The minor problem is that I get a kernel panic when I shut down my laptop while being connected to the dock.


I attached a debug log, hopefully someone can help me out.

Thanks again to @Jake Lo and @Hervé for their awesome guides and thanks in advance for everyone who's patient enough to help me :)


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